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  1. After placing a liquid into a small-diameter glass tube, you observe the formation of a convex (upwardly curved) meniscus. What conclusion is correct?
  2. What ethical issue has recently become a significant concern for respiratory therapists and all health care providers due to a congressional act?
  3. At what temperature does all kinetic activity of matter cease?
  4. What should be used to wipe down the surface of devices that cannot be immersed in water?
  5. The American National Standards Institute has set a water vapor content level of 30 mg/L as the minimum absolute humidity required for patients whose upper airways have been bypassed. This equals what body humidity (BH)?
  1. a 70% ethyl alcohol
  2. b patient's right to privacy
  3. c Strong cohesive forces exist among the liquid molecules.
  4. d 68%
  5. e 0°K

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  1. vocal cord impairment or paralysis
  2. percent body humidity (BH)
  3. 1. measles
    2. smallpox
    3. tuberculosis
    4. all the above ***
  4. Gas density X 0.543 g/L
  5. associate's degree

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  1. If a patient has a VT of 370 ml and a respiratory rate of 20 breaths per minute, what is the minute ventilation?increase its volume


  2. Which of the following design components of an air injector would result in entraining the greatest amount of air?large-volume nebulizers


  3. Why are the vessels of the venous system, particularly the small venules and veins, termed capacitance vessels?2 cm


  4. Which of the following factors affects Raw?I. pattern of gas flow (e.g., laminar versus turbulent)
    II. characteristics of the gas being breathed
    III. diameter and length of the airways
    IV. variations in lung compliance

    1. IV only
    2. I, II, III, and IV ***
    3. II and IV
    4. I, II, and III


  5. What does the detection of lymphatic channels on standard chest radiographs indicate?system that is overwhelmed by excessive fluid


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