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  1. What determines the airway diameter in the normal lung?
  2. What conditions are necessary to incur liability under the doctrine of respondeat superior?
  3. Approximately what percent of the normal changes in thoracic volume during quiet inspiration is due to the action of the diaphragm?
  4. Responsibility for the technical direction of a respiratory care department lies with whom?
  5. Who introduced the first laryngoscope, in 1913?
  1. a Chevalier Jackson
  2. b I. The injury caused must be the result of an act of negligence.
    II. The act must occur within the subordinate's scope of employment.
    III. The act must involve willful intent on the part of the subordinate.

    1. I and III
    2. I, II, and III
    3. I and II ***
    4. II and III
  3. c 75
  4. d department manager
  5. e balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic tone

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  1. 7
  2. distributive justice
  3. increased compliance
  4. 22.40 L
  5. alter local blood flow according to tissue needs

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  1. To what structures do the parietal pleural membranes adhere or cover?lung


  2. What is the absolute humidity (water vapor content) of saturated gas at normal body temperature (37°C)?43.8 mg/L


  3. What is called the "functional unit of the lungs"?acinus


  4. Who is considered to be the "father of medicine"?Hippocrates


  5. Approximately what percent of patients receiving mechanical ventilation develop pneumonia as a complication?evidence-based medicine


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