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  1. What is the single best indicator of the adequacy or effectiveness of VA?
  2. According to Graham's law, which of the following gases would diffuse most quickly?
  3. During each cycle of normal resting ventilation, a volume of gas is moved into and out of the respiratory tract. This cyclical volume is called the:
  4. Which accessory muscles are active during resting and active inspiration and pull up on all the ribs expanding the thorax?
  5. Which of the following equations can be used to calculate the pressure exerted by a liquid?
  1. a external intercostals
  2. b PaCO2
  3. c liquid pressure = liquid density ยด liquid depth
  4. d Gas density X 0.543 g/L
  5. e tidal volume (VT)

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  1. psychoanalysis (Freud)
  2. alter local blood flow according to tissue needs
  3. distributive justice
  4. The pressures in the atria exceed those in the ventricles.
  5. 90,000

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  1. Treatment based on careful review of available literature is known as:2 cm


  2. Who is considered to be the "father of medicine"?Viscosity is most important under conditions of turbulent flow.


  3. Which of the following is FALSE about liquid bubbles?I. Boiling a liquid requires more energy than does evaporating it.
    II. A liquid's boiling point varies with the atmospheric pressure.
    III. The greater the ambient pressure, the lower is the boiling point.

    1. I, II, and III ***
    2. I and III
    3. II and III
    4. I and II


  4. Which of the following is FALSE about evaporation?SVR is normally approximately 10 times higher than PVR.


  5. What is the pattern of flow in which a fluid moves in discrete cylindrical streamlines?steam sterilization


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