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  1. The American National Standards Institute has set a water vapor content level of 30 mg/L as the minimum absolute humidity required for patients whose upper airways have been bypassed. This equals what body humidity (BH)?
  2. Which of the following diseases or disorders is most likely to result in an increased VD/VT ratio?
  3. How is compliance computed?
  4. Which of the following lung units would empty and fill most slowly?
  5. When did the designation "respiratory therapist" become standard?
  1. a a unit with high resistance and high compliance
  2. b pulmonary embolus
  3. c change in volume/change in pressure
  4. d 68%
  5. e 1974

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  1. hepatitis B
  2. 500 million
  3. hospitals or acute care settings
  4. 90,000
  5. professional censure

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  1. What was the name of the first professional organization for the field of respiratory care?I. It increases the elastic recoil of the lung (promoting collapse).
    II. It makes the lung harder to inflate than if it were filled with fluid.
    III. It decreases the lung's elasticity as volume increases.

    1. I and III
    2. I and II ***
    3. I, II, and III
    4. II


  2. In the lung's alveoli, there are four gases mixed together: oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water vapor. At a normal barometric pressure of 760 mm Hg, alveolar O2 exerts a partial pressure of 100 mm Hg, CO2 40 mm Hg, and water vapor 47 mm Hg. What is the alveolar partial pressure of nitrogen?573 mm Hg


  3. Which of the following equations can be used to calculate the pressure exerted by a liquid?liquid pressure = liquid density ยด liquid depth


  4. During a vaginal delivery, what facilitates the removal of fetal lung fluid from the pulmonary system?thoracic compression


  5. Treatment based on careful review of available literature is known as:evidence-based medicine


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