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  1. By which of the following means can the internal energy of a substance be increased?
  2. Which of the following factors affects Raw?
  3. What position is used to open the airway in an unconscious patient?
  4. Which of the following would have a negative impact on cardiac contractility?
  5. From a bedside capnograph (CO2 measuring device), you obtain a "dry" gas reading of 5.3% CO2 in a patient's exhaled gas. Given a barometric pressure of 765 mm Hg, what is the partial pressure of CO2 in this patient's exhaled gas?
  1. a I. cooling the substance
    II. performing work on the substance
    III. heating the substance

    1. II
    2. I, II, and III
    3. I and II
    4. II and III ***
  2. b sniff position
  3. c I. acidosis
    II. digitalis
    III. hypoxia
    IV. norepinephrine

    1. II and IV
    2. IV only
    3. I, II, and III
    4. I and III ***
  4. d 41 mm Hg
  5. e I. pattern of gas flow (e.g., laminar versus turbulent)
    II. characteristics of the gas being breathed
    III. diameter and length of the airways
    IV. variations in lung compliance

    1. IV only
    2. I, II, III, and IV ***
    3. II and IV
    4. I, II, and III

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. arterial pressures exceed ventricular pressures
  2. I. The injury caused must be the result of an act of negligence.
    II. The act must occur within the subordinate's scope of employment.
    III. The act must involve willful intent on the part of the subordinate.

    1. I and III
    2. I, II, and III
    3. I and II ***
    4. II and III
  3. equal opposing tendency of the chest wall to expand and lung to collapse.
  4. I. external intercostals
    II. external obliques
    III. internal obliques
    IV. rectus abdominous

    1. I and IV
    2. II, III, and IV
    3. I, II, III, and IV
    4. I, II, and III ***
  5. 47.0 mm Hg

5 True/False Questions

  1. According to Poiseuille's law, which of the following statements are true if we wish to maintain a constant flow of gases?Halving the tube radius will require a 16-time increase in driving pressure.


  2. What may happen if the irritant receptors in the lung are stimulated?simple diffusion


  3. What is the phenomenon whereby a liquid in a small tube tends to move upward against the force of gravity?airway resistance


  4. To what does the term "faster-weaker" refer when discussing the alveolar-capillary membrane?thinnest portion of the alveolar-capillary membrane


  5. What is rather unique regarding the blood supply to the lung?2/3


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