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  1. In individuals with disorders characterized by an increased frictional work of breathing, such as emphysema, which of the following breathing patterns results in the minimum work?
  2. What vaccination does OSHA require hospital employers to provide?
  3. What should be used to wipe down the surface of devices that cannot be immersed in water?
  4. On inspecting a volume-pressure curve for a patient with restrictive lung disease, which of the following abnormalities would you expect to find?
  5. Responsibility for the technical direction of a respiratory care department lies with whom?
  1. a hepatitis B
  2. b 70% ethyl alcohol
  3. c department manager
  4. d I. decrease in the slope of the volume-pressure curve
    II. increase in the area of the volume-pressure curve
    III. positive Ppl during exhalation

    1. I, II, and III ***
    2. I and II
    3. I and III
    4. II only
  5. e slow and deep breathing

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  1. psychoanalysis (Freud)
  2. arterioles
  3. lung
  4. care plan auditors and case study exercises
  5. They breathe larger tidal volumes based on IBW.

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  1. What is the term for the impedance to ventilation caused by the movement of gas through the conducting system of the lungs?tort


  2. What genetic disorder has been linked to emphysema?structure separating the right and left thoracic cavities


  3. What forces must be overcome to move air into the respiratory system?2/3


  4. Which of the following factors determine how much of a given gas can dissolve in a liquid?large-volume nebulizers


  5. A mercury barometer reads 770 mm Hg. What is the actual atmospheric pressure in g/cm2?1047.0 g/cm2


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