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  1. The internet...
  2. Constitution
  3. What is Not a feature of all the states in today's world?
  4. A federal government is one in which...
  5. Politics
  1. a democracy
  2. b power is divided between a central government and local government
  3. c the effort to control or influence the government
  4. d did NOT lead to widespread on-line voting in the 2000 elections
  5. e the body of fundamental laws setting out the principles, structures, and precesses of government

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  1. the power to carry out the law
  2. with a single person
  3. the economic system in which freedom of choice is emphasized
  4. the power to make law and frame public policies
  5. independent states that agree to form a ____ may still retain their separate identities

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  1. In a democracy, the will of the majority...cannot be used to deprive rights to a member of a minority group


  2. Who would be most threatened by the social contract theory?divine right advocates


  3. According to the social contract theory, the contract is...a constitution


  4. Federal Governmenthas centralized the major powers


  5. For what reason might the ruler in a dictatorship feel threatened by the existence of the Internet?divine right advocates


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