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  1. What are the main reasons why governments are created?
  2. What is a liberal?
  3. What are public policies?
  4. What is judicial?
  5. How does the government regulate and control the economic system??
  1. a they interperate the law, determine law meaning, and settle society disputes
  2. b taxes, welfare, banks, money in general, and the federal reserve
  3. c believes that government must take action to change economic, political, and idealogical policies thought to be unfair
  4. d things that the government decides sto do
  5. e maintain social order, provide public services, provide for common defense and welfare, and regulate and control the economic system

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  1. because they must have order and rules/law enforcement to prosper
  2. libraries, public transportation, public schools, postal services, and highways and roads
  3. strong suppor of party and its political stands
  4. the institution through which public policy is made and enforced
  5. each party informs the people how they think they should be informed

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  1. What were the first 2 political parties?democrat and republican


  2. What is a consensus?temporary alliance of several groups


  3. What is government?the ability to command or prevent action


  4. What are the major social institutions?big concepts that all societies develop


  5. What are politicsa process by which a society decides how power and resources will be distributed


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