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  1. Public policy can also be described as...
  2. What is plurality
  3. What are idealogical parties?
  4. What is judicial?
  5. Why must societies have political systems?
  1. a because they must have order and rules/law enforcement to prosper
  2. b they interperate the law, determine law meaning, and settle society disputes
  3. c based on a particular set of beliefs
  4. d what the government wants to do
  5. e the largest # of votes cast for office

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  1. a system to pass along information and knowledge
  2. libraries, public transportation, public schools, postal services, and highways and roads
  3. the institution through which public policy is made and enforced
  4. a singlel member of a district contests where only one candidate is elected to each office on the ballot
  5. capitalism

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  1. What is a social institution?big concepts that all societies develop


  2. What is a coalition?temporary alliance of several groups


  3. What is nominating a candidate?selecting a candidate to present to voters


  4. What is an opinion leader?any person who has a strong infuence on the opinion of others


  5. What isi a pluralistic ociety?a group of people who interact in defined territory and share a culture


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