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  1. What is a political party?
  2. What is judicial?
  3. What are bonding agent functions?
  4. What is a democracy?
  5. What are the 2 main political parties?
  1. a ensuring the good performance of candidates and officers
  2. b a group of persons who seekk to control government through the winning of elections and the holding of public office
  3. c the power rests with the majority of the people
  4. d democratic and republican
  5. e they interperate the law, determine law meaning, and settle society disputes

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  1. holds beliefs that fall between liberal and conservative views and usually include some of both
  2. focus on only one public party matter
  3. institution through which a society makes and enforces public policies
  4. a belief of philosophy to believein
  5. if a minor party doesnt win, it can pull votes from one of the major parties

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  1. What does the economic system also determine?taxes, defense, education, crime, healthcare, transportation, environment, civil rights, and work conditions


  2. What are peer groups?those that have split away from one of the major parties


  3. What must political systems figure out in order for a society to prosper?capitalism


  4. What is a social institution?laws setting principle structure and process of govenment


  5. What are some of the different minor parties?libertarian, reform, socialist, prohibition, natural lawo, communist, american indepenent, and green


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