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  1. What is the government made up of?
  2. What is a social institution?
  3. What is education?
  4. What type of economic system does the united states have?
  5. What is public opinion?
  1. a big concepts that all societies develop
  2. b general concern and interest of the higher portion of the people
  3. c capitalism
  4. d authoritative figures who exercise power and control people
  5. e a system to pass along information and knowledge

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  1. 2 parties find common ground
  2. selecting a candidate to present to voters
  3. focus on only one public party matter
  4. favors extreme change to create an altered or entirely new social system
  5. military, homeland security, FBI, fema, and border control

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  1. What is a minor party?holds beliefs that fall between liberal and conservative views and usually include some of both


  2. What are splinter parties?those that have split away from one of the major parties


  3. How does the government maintain social order?by having police enforcement, having a place for criminals


  4. How do historic events effect the people?they enable decisions of who reaps benefits and who pays the cost of public policy


  5. What are examples of peer groups?made up of people with whom one regularly associates


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