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  1. What is public opinion?
  2. What are the main reasons why governments are created?
  3. How do historic events effect the people?
  4. What is a law?
  5. What is a liberal?
  1. a a set of rules and standards by which a society governs itself
  2. b they have a major impact on views of a higher number of people and a higher content/discretion of public policy
  3. c believes that government must take action to change economic, political, and idealogical policies thought to be unfair
  4. d general concern and interest of the higher portion of the people
  5. e maintain social order, provide public services, provide for common defense and welfare, and regulate and control the economic system

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  1. by having police enforcement, having a place for criminals
  2. laws setting principle structure and process of govenment
  3. favors extreme change to restore society to an earlier, more conservative state
  4. what the government wants to do
  5. they enable decisions of who reaps benefits and who pays the cost of public policy

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  1. What aer an example of economic systems?communism, socialism, capitalism


  2. What is religion?a belief of philosophy to believein


  3. What are single issue parties?focus on only one public party matter


  4. What is judicial?they interperate the law, determine law meaning, and settle society disputes


  5. What is a public made up of??a group of persons who seekk to control government through the winning of elections and the holding of public office


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