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  1. What is a social institution?
  2. What is public opinion?
  3. What is an example of mass media?
  4. What are bonding agent functions?
  5. What must political systems figure out in order for a society to prosper?
  1. a they must figure out how to function because if not then it leads to chaos
  2. b big concepts that all societies develop
  3. c general concern and interest of the higher portion of the people
  4. d ensuring the good performance of candidates and officers
  5. e internet magazines radio

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  1. friends, classmates, neighbors
  2. modify and encourage compromise, nominate candidates, inform and activate supporters, bonding agents
  3. because our economies developed differently than those who were mainly industrialized.
  4. capitalism
  5. party that controls the executive branch of government

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  1. What are public affairs?events and issues that concern the people at large


  2. What are public policies?events and issues that concern the people at large


  3. What is the executive?they execute, enforce, and administer the law


  4. What are splinter parties?those that have split away from one of the major parties


  5. What is a democracy?believes that government must take action to change economic, political, and idealogical policies thought to be unfair


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