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  1. What are public policies?
  2. What is a law?
  3. What is government?
  4. What is the executive?
  5. What is the legislative?
  1. a things that the government decides sto do
  2. b they make laws
  3. c institution through which a society makes and enforces public policies
  4. d a set of rules and standards by which a society governs itself
  5. e they execute, enforce, and administer the law

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  1. libraries, public transportation, public schools, postal services, and highways and roads
  2. 2 parties find common ground
  3. aone political party without wide voter support
  4. a singlel member of a district contests where only one candidate is elected to each office on the ballot
  5. selecting a candidate to present to voters

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  1. What are bonding agent functions?those that have split away from one of the major parties


  2. What are the main reasons why governments are created?legislative, executive and judicial


  3. What is a social institution?big concepts that all societies develop


  4. What is an opinion leader?any person who has a strong infuence on the opinion of others


  5. What do politics enable?modify and encourage compromise, nominate candidates, inform and activate supporters, bonding agents


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