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  1. Electrons forming the electron cloud around the nucleus of an atom occupy regions of space called...
  2. the key to chemical reactivity is ...
  3. Atoms
  4. What type of energy is available when we are still? When we are exercising?
  5. Lipids
  1. a Potential energy (PE) is available when we are still. PE is converted to kinetic (working) energy when we exercise.
  2. b Octet rule (or rule of eight)
  3. c Each element is composed of more or less identical (particles or building blocks)
  4. d electron shells
  5. e are insoluble in water but dissolve readily in organic solvents such as alcohol. contains carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

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  1. is defined as the capacity to do work, or to put matter into motion.
  2. a positively charged ion
  3. (glucose + galactose) a sugar comprising one glucose molecule linked to a galactose molecule
  4. anion
  5. Carbohydrates that are made up of two monosaccharides

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  1. RadioisotopesThe process of atomic decay is called radioactivity, and isotopes that exhibit this behavior are called...


  2. Steroids(glucose + fructose) a complex carbohydrate found in many plants and used as a sweetening agent


  3. Polysaccharidesare polymers of simple sugars linked together by dehydration synthesis. (storage products)


  4. Matterthat which has mass and occupies space and has mass. With some exceptions, it can be seen, smelled, and felt.


  5. Radiant or Electromagneticis energy that travel in waves.
    They include visible light, infrared waves, radio waves, ultraviolet waves, and x-rays


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