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  1. Chemical Energy
  2. When atoms combine with other atoms, they are held together by...
  3. regions around the nucleus in which a given electron is likely to be found most of the time
  4. Atomic weight
  5. Elements
  1. a Orbitals
  2. b a chemical bond
  3. c is the form stored in the bonds of chemical substances. Example: may be found in the food we eat
  4. d unique substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by ordinary chemical methods.
  5. e is and average of relative weights (mass numbers) of all the isotopes of an element

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  1. Acid
  2. chief components of cell membranes. Participate in the transport of lipids in plasma, prevalent in nervous tissue
  3. electron shells
  4. Small unit that can join together with other small units to form polymers
  5. is energy that travel in waves.
    They include visible light, infrared waves, radio waves, ultraviolet waves, and x-rays

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  1. PolymersSmall unit that can join together with other small units to form polymers


  2. cationa negatively charged ion


  3. Atomic numberis the total mass of protons, neutrons, and electrons in a atomic nucleus. The weight of all atoms of the same type.


  4. Energyis defined as the capacity to do work, or to put matter into motion.


  5. Electrical Energyresults from the movement of charge particles.
    Example: found in the flow of electrons along the household wiring


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