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  1. stereotypes
  2. low context communication
  3. enculturation
  4. race
  5. socialisation
  1. a unconscious learning of cultural values/practices through social interaction
  2. b collection of false assumptions about the members of other cultural groups
  3. c visible, physical characteristics of a group that are identifiable and inherited
  4. d detailed verbal message; direct style; reflective or a more individualistic, compartmentalised view of life
  5. e ways in which individuals learn norms, values and skills necessary to operate in a particular environment

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  1. process whereby individuals or groups make claims about their self conceptions, identify with others' identity claims and invite significant others to ratify these claims
  2. response to diversity that acknowledges cultural difference and fosters full, equal participation in all dimensions of society
  3. separation of racial or ethnic groups in daily life, with no wish to foster inter-relationships
  4. process whereby people lose their cultural identity and blend into wider society
  5. special, distinctive and enduring characteristic of a social entity

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  1. normsways of behaving driven by fundamental beliefs and identity positions


  2. marginalisationexclusion from meaningful participation in mainstream society; identified as being at the fringes or "margins" of society


  3. high context communicationless explicit verbal message; indirect style, status-oriented; importance given to experiences, rituals, social protocols, tradition and history


  4. ethnicityspecial, distinctive and enduring characteristic of a social entity


  5. discourserelatively specialised lifestyle of a group of people consisting of their values, beliefs, artefacts, ways of behaving and communicating


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