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  1. Hail Mary
  2. Monotonous
  3. Conteptuous
  4. Intercession
  5. immune
  1. a Prayer to the virgin Mary.
  2. b Showing or expressing contempt or distain; scornful
  3. c Exept or protected.
  4. d prayer to God on behalf of another
  5. e Lacking in varity; tediously unvaryin

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  1. the act, fact, or process of bringing under control
  2. Company having exclusive control over a commodity or service.
  3. part of a river at which the current meets the sea tides
  4. Disposed to cause harm, suffering or distress, deliberately; or showing ill will or heatred.
  5. appearence,especially the look or expression of the face

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  1. LethargyThe quality or state of being drowsy and dull. listless and unergetic or indifferent and lazy.


  2. Obscurenot clear or plain


  3. KeeningTo wail in lament (for the dead)


  4. Poulticea wall of protection against danger


  5. RemoteExept or protected.


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