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  1. osteonecrosis
  2. closed fracture
  3. spiral
  4. lumbago
  5. arthroplasty
  1. a lower back pain
  2. b death of bone tissue due to blood suply
  3. c fracture were bone is twisted
  4. d bone is broke but not pertruding out the skin
  5. e surgical repair of a joint

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  1. thiner then average bone density
  2. fracture straight across
  3. joints
  4. loss of bone density
  5. malignant tumor in the bone marrow

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  1. -lysisloosening


  2. autologousbone marrow transplant were they harvest more marrow using your own


  3. myel/obone marrow


  4. chondroplastysurgical repair of a joint


  5. orthoticmechanical appliance such as a brace


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