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Questions from Term test 2nd half of Chp 3 Test

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  1. lumbago
  2. open fracture
  3. lordosis
  4. crani/o
  5. spiral
  1. a inward curvature of the spine
  2. b cranium
  3. c fracture were bone is twisted
  4. d lower back pain
  5. e bone is broke and coming out the skin

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. bone is broke but not pertruding out the skin
  2. death of bone tissue due to blood suply
  3. type of fracture were the bone is crushed or splintered
  4. cartilage
  5. repair by loosening a joint

5 True/False Questions

  1. oste/ojoints


  2. rheumatoid arthritisdeposits or uric acid in the joints


  3. arthr/ocrooked, bent, stiff


  4. fibrous dysplasiasurgical repair of cartilage


  5. obliqueanother word for club feet


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