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  1. arthr/o
  2. prothesis
  3. osteorrhaphy
  4. oste/o
  5. spondylosis
  1. a degenerative conditon of the vertibrae
  2. b a substatute for a diseased or missing body part
  3. c joints
  4. d bone
  5. e suttering or wireing together of bones

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  1. bone disorder of unkown cause that destroys normal bone structure and replaces it with fiborous tissue
  2. outward curvature of the spine
  3. lower back pain
  4. another word for club feet
  5. fracture straight across

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  1. chondroplastysurgical repair of cartilage


  2. -lysislateral curvature of spine


  3. crani/ocranium


  4. autologousbone marrow transplant were they harvest more marrow using your own


  5. osteonecrosisloss of bone density


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