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  1. oblique
  2. osteomyelitis
  3. transverse
  4. dwarfism
  5. chondr/o
  1. a inflammation of bone and adjacent bone marrow
  2. b people of short stature
  3. c cartilage
  4. d fracture straight across
  5. e fracture at slant or angle

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  1. inward curvature of the spine
  2. another word for bunion
  3. surgical repair of a joint
  4. inflammation of the periosteum
  5. bone disorder of unkown cause that destroys normal bone structure and replaces it with fiborous tissue

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  1. lumbagolower back pain


  2. burs/obone


  3. chondroplastysurgical repair of cartilage


  4. crani/ocartilage


  5. comminutedfracture at slant or angle


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