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  1. closed fracture
  2. osteoporosis
  3. lordosis
  4. arthrolysis
  5. primary bone cancer
  1. a bone is broke but not pertruding out the skin
  2. b rare malignant tumor originating in the bone
  3. c repair by loosening a joint
  4. d inward curvature of the spine
  5. e loss of bone density

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  1. another word for club feet
  2. malignant tumor in the bone marrow
  3. cartilage
  4. inflammation of bone and adjacent bone marrow
  5. mechanical appliance such as a brace

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  1. obliqueanother word for club feet


  2. subluxationlateral curvature of spine


  3. crani/ocranium


  4. osteorrhaphysuttering or wireing together of bones


  5. craniotomycranium


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