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  1. columbus
  2. francisco coronado
  3. neolithic revolution
  4. hernan cortes
  5. lake texcoco
  1. a began to domesticate plants and animals
  2. b sailed the ocean in 1492
  3. c aztecs settled here
  4. d landed on vera cruz
  5. e look for the 7 cities of gold

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  1. ancestors of the Native americans
  2. made it to india
  3. realized asia was much further away than they thought
  4. first natives columbus encountered
  5. discovered brazil

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  1. hidalgorealized asia was much further away than they thought


  2. levantines and italiansancestors of the Native americans


  3. huitzilopochtliaztec god


  4. hernando de sotolanded on vera cruz


  5. ahuizotlaztec god


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