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  1. lake texcoco
  2. isabella
  3. francisco coronado
  4. teotihuacan
  5. inter caetera
  1. a aztecs settled here
  2. b look for the 7 cities of gold
  3. c queen of spain
  4. d divided the world in half
  5. e major mayan city

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  1. last aztec leader
  2. first natives columbus encountered
  3. made it to india
  4. sent 15 ships down west coast of africa
  5. the middlemen between asia

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  1. hernando de sotoexplored southern us


  2. nina, pinta and santa maria3 ships sailed by columbus


  3. hidalgoyoung conquistadors


  4. huitzilopochtlimain aztec god


  5. bartholomeu diasancestors of the Native americans


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