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  1. inter caetera
  2. lake texcoco
  3. balboa
  4. teotihuacan
  5. levantines and italians
  1. a the middlemen between asia
  2. b divided the world in half
  3. c aztecs settled here
  4. d realized asia was much further away than they thought
  5. e major mayan city

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  1. explored southern us
  2. ancestors of the Native americans
  3. landed on vera cruz
  4. look for the 7 cities of gold
  5. began to domesticate plants and animals

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  1. isabellaqueen of spain


  2. henry the navigatorexplored southern us


  3. tenochtitlanmajor mayan city


  4. moctezumasailed around south america


  5. magellanqueen of spain


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