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  1. Bessie Smith
  2. New Morality
  3. Washington Naval Conference
  4. Babe Ruth
  5. Calvin Coolidge
  1. a Took the presidency when Warren Harding died. Tried to separate himself from the former presidential scandals.
  2. b Conference where major world powers decided to participate in naval disarmament - scrapping many of their battleships, cruisers, and aircraft carriers.
  3. c The term that refers to changing ideals in the 1920s - challenging tradition, emphasizing personal freedom.
  4. d African American blues singer who played and important role in the Harlem Renaissance.
  5. e Famous baseball player in the 1920s, set records for homeruns

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  1. a government scandal involving a United States Navy oil reserve in Wyoming that was secretly leased to private oil companies in 1921 by Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall; became symbolic of the scandals of the Harding administration
  2. Movement of African Americans from the South to the North for jobs during WWI.
  3. A brilliant African American musician who helped create jazz
  4. Traditional religious movement that was a reaction to the changes in society in the 1920s. Believed that morality should be determined by Biblical ideals.
  5. the belief that native-born Americans are superior to immigrants. This grew in the 1920s and led to limits on immigration.

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  1. talkieMovies with sound. The first one was "The Jazz Singer"


  2. Margaret SangerThe founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association. He also suggested that African Americans return to Africa to set up their own country. He also stressed the importance of education in achieving economic and political equality.


  3. Volstead ActAct passed by Congress that allowed Congress to enforce the 18th amendment, or prohibition


  4. Emergency Quota ActThe name of the law passed by Congress that set up a quota system for immigrants that was based on ethnic origin. Discriminated against immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe


  5. radioMovies with sound. The first one was "The Jazz Singer"


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