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  1. Clarence Darrow
  2. Return to Normalcy
  3. Scopes Trial
  4. Sacco and Vanzetti
  5. Henry Ford
  1. a The trial of a Tennessee schoolteacher who taught evolution in science class. Reflected the clash of values in the 1920s.
  2. b American businessman, founder of Ford Motor Company, father of modern assembly lines, and inventor credited with 161 patents.
  3. c Two Italian anarchists who were convicted of murder and robbery with questionable evidence and a biased judge. The trial is an example of growing nativism during the 1920s.
  4. d Hoarding's campaign platform in the election of 1920 saying that everything is going to go back to the way it was before the war.
  5. e Defense attorney for John Scopes, defended Darwin and his idea of Evolution in the Scopes Monkey Trial

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  1. African American blues singer who played and important role in the Harlem Renaissance.
  2. Secret society that was pro-American and targeted people that were foreign, communist, African-American, or Catholic.
  3. household products, clothing, and other goods people buy to use for themselves. The amount of these products grew increasingly during the 1920s, which led to new forms of advertising and mass production.
  4. A famous night club in Harlem where black entertainers performed, but only whites could sit in the audience.
  5. Movies with sound. The first one was "The Jazz Singer"

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  1. FlapperForm of mass media that grew popular in the 1920s. Created a shared national experience among Americans. Allowed Americans to listen to news as it happened, like sporting events and presidential speeches.


  2. quota systemthe belief that native-born Americans are superior to immigrants. This grew in the 1920s and led to limits on immigration.


  3. 18th AmendmentRadio, movies, newspapers, and magazines aimed at a broad audience. Allowed people in the 1920s to share in a common American experience and spread the new ideas and attitudes of the time.


  4. Langston HughesShe organized a birth-control movement which openly supported the use of contraceptives in the 1920s.


  5. George GershwinAmerican businessman, founder of Ford Motor Company, father of modern assembly lines, and inventor credited with 161 patents.


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