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  1. Bessie Smith
  2. Return to Normalcy
  3. Speakeasy
  4. Nativism
  5. Automobile
  1. a African American blues singer who played and important role in the Harlem Renaissance.
  2. b Bar that operated illegally during the time of Prohibition
  3. c One of the most important consumer products of the 1920s. Allowed young people to gain more freedom and allowed people to live further away from their jobs.
  4. d Hoarding's campaign platform in the election of 1920 saying that everything is going to go back to the way it was before the war.
  5. e the belief that native-born Americans are superior to immigrants. This grew in the 1920s and led to limits on immigration.

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  1. Chicago crime boss, gangster during the Prohibition era.
  2. A treaty that attempted to outlaw war. The treaty was drafted by France and the United States, and on August 27, 1928, was signed by fifteen nations. Ineffective because it lacked means of enforcement
  3. Charles Lindbergh was the first to fly solo across the Atlantic. Commercial flight gains popularity.
  4. Style of music made popular by African-American artists such as Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong. Originated in New Orleans and used a variety of instruments and artists generally made up the music as they went along.
  5. Novelist who wrote The Sun Also Rises and A Farewell to Arms, criticizing the glorification of war.

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  1. Margaret SangerShe organized a birth-control movement which openly supported the use of contraceptives in the 1920s.


  2. Palmer Raids1920: a series a government raids on suspected radicals' homes and businesses in the United States led by the U.S. attorney general A. Mitchell Palmer


  3. Charles A. LindberghDefense attorney for John Scopes, defended Darwin and his idea of Evolution in the Scopes Monkey Trial


  4. F. Scott Fitzgerald(The Great Gatsby) writer who showed the dark underside of the flashy life of the 1920s.


  5. Ku Klux KlanSecret society that was pro-American and targeted people that were foreign, communist, African-American, or Catholic.


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