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  1. What is the mind-brain problem? Briedly explain the research that bears on this debate, and what this research shows
  2. name some prominent women in psychology and their contributions
  3. how has the composition of pyschologists changed through the years
  4. Which view do scientists tend to believe? free will or determinism and why?
  5. who is considered the founder of behaviroism and what is it
  1. a John B. watson- a field of psychology that concentrates on observable, measurebale behaviors and not a menal process
  2. b mary calkins was an early memory reasearcher= regarded as Harvards greatest student but had no PhD because she was a women. was president of the American psychological association. today women recieve about 2/3 of the psychology PhDs in the US and Euro
  3. c have to compete with other majors as well. only 20-25% of people w/ psychology majors have a job in psychology
  4. d the philosophical question of how experience relates to the brain. Scientists see brain activity using the technique called PET. It shows that neither brain activity nor mental activity causes the other; rather, brain activity and mental activitity are they same thing
  5. e scientists believe in the immediate causs of an event meaning they rely on determinism

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  1. want to make sure equipment runs efficently and and safely
  2. studies how an individual influences other people and how the group influences an individual
  3. "what can we learn from animal studies about the mechanisms of intelligent behavior? "how did each species evolve the behavioral tendencies it showed?
  4. specializes in the psychological condition of students
  5. revolutionized and popularized psychotherapy with his methods of analyzing patients dreams and memories.frueds infleunce has decreased over time because his evidence was weak

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  1. describe the school of psychology that he establish (Tichener)studies how an individual influences other people and how the group influences an individual


  2. What was Tichener's contribution to psychologyWilliam James


  3. Describe what learning and motivation psychologists doStudies the processes of thought and knowledge


  4. What are other types of mental health professions? describe their trainingpsychologists study systematic behavior and experience while psychiatrists deal with mental distrubances


  5. Describe what cognitive psychologists doStudies the processes of thought and knowledge


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