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  1. Describe what learning and motivation psychologists do
  2. How were behaviorism studies conducted
  3. What is the difference between clinical pyschologists and psychoanalysts
  4. Describe what biological psychologists
  5. What was Tichener's contribution to psychology
  1. a Clinicla psychologists have an advanced degree in psychology with a speciality in understanding and helping people with psychological problems. Psychoanalysts are therapy providers who rely heavily on the theories and methods pioneered by the 20th century vieneese physician stigmund frued
  2. b studying behaviorists found advantages with studying nonhuman animals to have more control. also nonhuman learning is simplier to understand. studied rates in mazes
  3. c study how behavior depends on the outcomes of past behaviors and current motivations
  4. d the approach of structalism- an attempt to describe the structures that compose the mind
  5. e tries to explain behavior in terms of biological factors, such as electrical and chemical activities in the nervous system, the effects of drugs and hormones, genetics, and evolutionary pressures

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  1. John B. watson- a field of psychology that concentrates on observable, measurebale behaviors and not a menal process
  2. Researchers have interview Japanese foregin exchange students who have spend a year in another country and they said they thing they liked the most about the other country was the food because students had access to their hometown foods
  3. "what can we learn from animal studies about the mechanisms of intelligent behavior? "how did each species evolve the behavioral tendencies it showed?
  4. have to compete with other majors as well. only 20-25% of people w/ psychology majors have a job in psychology
  5. they could end up going to medical, law, or divinity school.

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  1. Describe what cognitive psychologists doStudies the processes of thought and knowledge


  2. Describe what social psychologists doStudies the processes of thought and knowledge


  3. What factors led to the rise of behaviorismhe studied psychology of the sense organs to cultural differences in behavior with emphases on motivation, voluntary control, and cognitive processes


  4. what studies were conducted therewant to make sure equipment runs efficently and and safely


  5. Which view do scientists tend to believe? free will or determinism and why?determinism is the assumption that everything that happens has a cause or determinant and free will has the belief that behavior is caused by a person's own chocies.


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