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  1. enter/o
  2. leukocyte
  3. agglutination
  4. bronchus
  5. cervix
  1. a bronchi (pl)
  2. b cervices (pl)
  3. c white blood cell
  4. d combining form for intestines
  5. e process by which cells or other particles adhere to each other to form clumps

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  1. enlarged spleen
  2. hollow sac, also the terminal element of the respiratory tract where gas exchanges occur
  3. waves of contractions that moves the food down the digestive tract
  4. acute inflammation of the nasal mucosa, also called coryza
  5. an instrument used to measure respiratory volumes

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  1. ganglionganglia (pl)


  2. thoraxpharynges (pl)


  3. bronchoscopyexamination of the interior of the tracheobronchial tree with an endoscope


  4. pharyxpharynges (pl)


  5. chymesemi-fluid of partially digested food


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