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Chapter 1 - Pre-History Test

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  1. class 3
  2. artifacts
  3. nomads
  4. class 1
  5. artisian
  1. a items left behind by early people
  2. b skilled worker
  3. c moving around to find food
  4. d slaves, servants
  5. e priests, government officials, warriors, rulers

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  1. shift from hunting of animals and gathering of food to the keeping of animals and the growing of food on a regular basis
  2. Large neolithic farming village in Turkey during 6700 B.C. - 5700 B.C.
  3. determines an object's age through light given off by electrons; dates back 200,000 yrs
  4. the study of past societies through human remains
  5. determines an objects age by measuring the amount of c-14; dates back 50,000 yrs

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  1. class 2priests, government officials, warriors, rulers


  2. priestperformed rituals - connected to divine intervention; "workers of the gods"


  3. Importance of religionallowed for a group effort in living through food surplus; protection; and trade


  4. monarcha ruler of a kingdom or empire


  5. technologythe study of past societies using artifacts


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