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  1. artisian
  2. Neolithic
  3. nomads
  4. Iron age
  5. Archaeology
  1. a New Stone Age - began 8,000 B.C. - systematic agriculture revolution
  2. b skilled worker
  3. c Time period (approximately 1300 BCE) marked by use of iron and steel as most advanced technology
  4. d the study of past societies using artifacts
  5. e moving around to find food

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  1. complex society with cities, organized government, art, religion, class divisions, and a writing system
  2. to give a sense of hope and stability
  3. Determining the age by use of blood molecules; millions of yrs
  4. knowledge that people use to improve a way of life in their surroundings
  5. determines an objects age by measuring the amount of c-14; dates back 50,000 yrs

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  1. Anthropologythe study of past societies through human remains


  2. Prehistorythe period before writing was developed


  3. class 2slaves, servants


  4. Importance of writingkeeping records, literature


  5. social structuresway of life


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