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Chapter 1 - Pre-History Test

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  1. Systematic Agriculture
  2. priest
  3. Anthropology
  4. fossil
  5. DNA
  1. a rocklike remains of biological organisms
  2. b shift from hunting of animals and gathering of food to the keeping of animals and the growing of food on a regular basis
  3. c Determining the age by use of blood molecules; millions of yrs
  4. d the study of past societies through human remains
  5. e performed rituals - connected to divine intervention; "workers of the gods"

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  1. moving around to find food
  2. Time period (approximately 1300 BCE) marked by use of iron and steel as most advanced technology
  3. items left behind by early people
  4. to give a sense of hope and stability
  5. skilled worker

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  1. Importance of writingkeeping records, literature


  2. Prehistorythe period before writing was developed


  3. class 1slaves, servants


  4. cultureway of life


  5. technologythe study of past societies using artifacts


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