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  1. class 3
  2. priest
  3. Importance of art
  4. Anthropology
  5. class 2
  1. a farmers, artisans, craftspeople, free people
  2. b used as religious decorations in temples and shrines; expression
  3. c slaves, servants
  4. d performed rituals - connected to divine intervention; "workers of the gods"
  5. e the study of past societies through human remains

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  1. the taming of animals for human use.
  2. Determining the age by use of blood molecules; millions of yrs
  3. making of tools and use of fire
  4. 3000 B.C - 1200 B.C. - mixed copper and tin
  5. a ruler of a kingdom or empire

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  1. Importance of writingallowed for a group effort in living through food surplus; protection; and trade


  2. social structuresway of life


  3. Radio carbon datingTime period (approximately 1300 BCE) marked by use of iron and steel as most advanced technology


  4. Catal HuyakLarge neolithic farming village in Turkey during 6700 B.C. - 5700 B.C.


  5. Importance of firesense of community, warmth, scared away wild animals, cooked food, source of light


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