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  1. divert
  2. exclusively
  3. underway
  4. notion
  5. hole
  1. a 전환하다
    redirect, reroute, avert, deflect, switch
  2. b 오로지
    only, entirely, solely, totally
  3. c 구멍
    pit, pore, opening
  4. d 진행 중인
    continuing, in progress, already commenced
  5. e 의견; 개념
    opinion, view; concept, general idea

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  1. 부분
    part, segment, fragment
  2. 반대자, 적
    opponent, adversary, enemy
  3. 교역하다
    barter, exchange, swap
  4. 반대의
    opposite, reverse
  5. 윤곽

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  1. unchanged불변의


  2. series비옥한, 풍부한
    fertile, abundant


  3. perennial지위, 명성
    status, influence, distinction


  4. sole유일한
    only, single, solitary


  5. annihilate전멸시키다
    remove, abolish, exterminate


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