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  1. sole
  2. ferry
  3. equilibrium
  4. supervise
  5. perennial
  1. a 유일한
    only, single, solitary
  2. b 감독하다
    direct, oversee, control, manage
  3. c 평형
    balance, evenness, stability, symmetry
  4. d 장기간 계속되는
    persistent, constant, continual, long-lasting
  5. e 수송하다
    transfer, carry, convey, transport

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  1. 진행 중인
    continuing, in progress, already commenced
  2. 높이 평가받는
    outstanding, prominent, valued
  3. 전환하다
    redirect, reroute, avert, deflect, switch
  4. 사실상
    actually, precisely, really
  5. 꽉 붙잡다
    grasp, grab, grip, seize, snatch

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  1. dependent쫓아내다


  2. result결과
    sequence, product, outcome


  3. exclusively다양함


  4. portion부분
    part, segment, fragment


  5. antagonist고대의, 옛날의
    prehistoric, antique, old


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