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  1. when water goes into a crack in a rock and freezes only to make the crack bigger.
  2. when Earth's crust is exposed to water, air, and changes in temperature and land gets broken down.
  3. part of the water cycle when liquid changes to a gas.
  4. the extra precipitation that flows across the land's surface and flows into rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans.
  5. part of the water cycle when gas changes to a liquid.

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  1. weatheringbreaking down rocks into smaller pieces by wind and water.


  2. precipitationpart of the water cycle when any form of water particles that falls from the sky. (hail, snow, sleet, rain)


  3. flood plainland that surrounds an area with water in it that goes under water during a flood.


  4. depositionthe dropping off of bits of eroded rock.


  5. erosionto scrape against by rubbing together or by wind. example wind rubs sand over rock.


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