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  1. -built around rivers
    -developed writing
    -Meso: Urban; Indus: rural
    -More metals at Indus
  2. Djoser
  3. Lugal
  4. Earth Mother or Female Deity
  5. -Hunter-gatherer societies: high status
    -Agricultural Revolutions: Men worked -> Women's status lowered
    -More food -> women raised families (some worked)
    -No political role

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  1. What are the indicators of a civilization?Middle East


  2. Define the term social divisions as it is used in the text. Describe the social divisions within Mesopotamian society, and indicate the reasons for those divisions.-Believed pharaohs were seen as Gods
    -Polytheistic: believed in many Gods. Drawn with animal heads
    -Believed the afterlife was a journey
    -Prepared the tomb and body for the afterlife


  3. Foragers had time left over forcrop shifting


  4. First transition to agricultureMiddle East


  5. Swidden culture describescrop shifting


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