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  1. -built around rivers
    -developed writing
    -Meso: Urban; Indus: rural
    -More metals at Indus
  2. Middle East
  3. Djoser
  4. -Believed pharaohs were seen as Gods
    -Polytheistic: believed in many Gods. Drawn with animal heads
    -Believed the afterlife was a journey
    -Prepared the tomb and body for the afterlife
  5. -cities that served as administrative centers
    -political system based on control of defined territory rather than on kinship connections
    -significant number of people engaged in specialized, non-food-producing activities
    -status distinctions usually linked to the accumulation of substantial wealth by some groups
    -monumental building
    -system for keeping permanent records
    -long-distance trade
    -major advances in science/arts

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  1. In the third millennium BCE, the ruler of Sumer wassocializing


  2. Define the term social divisions as it is used in the text. Describe the social divisions within Mesopotamian society, and indicate the reasons for those divisions.-Social divisions: grouped by money, religion, social differences
    -3 classes:
    1)large landholders, royalty, priests
    2)Farmers, artisans, workmen


  3. Swidden culture describessocializing


  4. First recognizable cultural activity of humans?Middle East


  5. Farming communities' religion focused onEarth Mother or Female Deity


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