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  1. crop shifting
  2. -Social divisions: grouped by money, religion, social differences
    -3 classes:
    1)large landholders, royalty, priests
    2)Farmers, artisans, workmen
  3. Earth Mother or Female Deity
  4. Lugal
  5. -built around rivers
    -developed writing
    -Meso: Urban; Indus: rural
    -More metals at Indus

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  1. Explain how the first Egyptian civilization was shaped by its natural environment.-Natural barriers = no influence or threat
    -Nile river: provided annual floodings -> fertile land. Communication
    -Papyrus used to make a type of paper
    -Access to metals


  2. The first pyramid was constructed forDjoser


  3. Foragers had time left over forcrop shifting


  4. First transition to agricultureDjoser


  5. Why did Neolithic peoples form permanent settles communities? What were the advantages and disadvantages?Before people were hunter-gatherers, they were nomadic and constantly on the move looking for food. However, once humans began domesticating crops, they were able to form communities. An advantage of this was the ability to grow larger families now that there was more food. The communities were also much more stable. However, being that they relied heavily on the crops, when crops failed there was famine. With more people, there were also more conflicts.


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