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  1. peninsula
  2. bay
  3. archipelago
  4. estuary
  5. inlet
  1. a a part of a sea or large lake that extends into the land
  2. b a chain or group of islands
  3. c a piece of land extending far out into a body of water
  4. d a broad mouth of a river, into which the tide flows
  5. e a narrow strip of water that extends from a body of water or that runs between two islands

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  1. a very steep drop, often at the edge of a mountainside
  2. a place along a coast where ships can be sheltered from storms;
    in towns or cities, a place where ships can load and unload their cargo
  3. the area of land lying at the foot of a mountain range
  4. a narrow strip of water that connects two larger bodies of water
  5. a mass of ice and snow that builds up because the winter snowfall exceeds that summer melting;
    usually formed in the mountains and moving slowly down it

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  1. chasma small, high plateau with a flat top and steep rocky sides


  2. fiord (fjord)a long, narrow bay bordered by steep cliffs


  3. islandland that is surrounded by water on all sides


  4. deltaa deposit of earth and sand at the mouth of a river, usually in a triangle shape


  5. tributarya river that runs into another larger river


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