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Lesson 1- Medical Terminology Test

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  1. -ectomy
  2. -ologist
  3. Adenectomy
  4. Megal-
  5. -itis
  1. a I test
    In flamation
  2. b Hollow chest
  3. c my gal
  4. d Exit Tommy
    Surgical Removal
  5. e Surgical removal of all or part of a gland

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  1. denotes the plastic or surgical repair of the gum
  2. enlargement of the liver
  3. specialist in the study of the heart
  4. enter sign
  5. the surgical repair of an eyelid

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  1. nephr-Nephew (kid on knee)


  2. Cerebr-Zebra


  3. arthr-enter sign


  4. spasmSpaceman (involuntary contract)
    Involuntary contractions


  5. cerebropathyrefers to any disease of the brain


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