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  1. gastroenteric
  2. -malacia
  3. nephrotomy
  4. Adenectomy
  5. Gastr-
  1. a Gas Truck
  2. b Surgical removal of all or part of a gland
  3. c surgical incision into the kidney
  4. d pertains the the stomach and intestines
  5. e My late show (TV)

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  1. any disease of a vessel
  2. Oh sis!
    Any Condition
  3. pertaining to or of the nose
  4. Art
  5. any condition of the kidney

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  1. spasmPlastic Cement
    Surgical Repair


  2. -itisOh sis!
    Any Condition


  3. Angi-Gingerbread man


  4. nephr-Nephew (kid on knee)


  5. dermatologyThe study of the skin


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