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  1. Plast-
  2. Cardi-
  3. Cardiologist
  4. hepatomegaly
  5. gastroenteric
  1. a pertains the the stomach and intestines
  2. b enlargement of the liver
  3. c Plastic Cement
    Surgical Repair
  4. d specialist in the study of the heart
  5. e Cards

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  1. Daisies
  2. Hollow chest
  3. inflammation of the skin
  4. tumor that has a glandular structure
  5. My late show (TV)

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  1. hepatologyThe study of the skin


  2. Adenectomytumor that has a glandular structure


  3. -ologyOh Tommy!
    Cut into


  4. gastrosisindicates a condition of the stomach


  5. spasmSpaceman (involuntary contract)
    Involuntary contractions


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