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  1. life
  2. blue
  3. Alice
  4. Stephenie Meyer
  5. Sue Clearwater
  1. a fortune teller, with short spiky black hair, Jasper's mate, pale skinned, a vampire
  2. b (First and Last name) the genius who wrote the Twilight saga
  3. c You are my __________ now. -Edward Cullen (What goes in the blank?)
  4. d (First and Last name) widow of Harry Clearwater, who died of a heart attack, mother of Seth and Leah, and she develops a relationship with Charlie at the end of Breaking Dawn
  5. e Edward's favorite color on Bella

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  1. Edward's car (silver _________ S60R)
  2. Where Bella first heard Edward's hallucinatory voice in New Moon with Jessica (What city?)
  3. on the cover of New Moon, there is a ruffled ___________
  4. the second book in the saga
  5. Zafrina, Senna, and Kachiri's coven of vampires (Which coven?)

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  1. Isle Esmethe island Bella and Edward had their honeymoon on that was a gift from Carlisle to Esme


  2. Laurenta silver-blond, fishy-eyed girl who strongly dislikes Bella


  3. EdwardSo ___________ for eternal damnation. (What goes in the blank?)


  4. FerrariBella's "After" car (Red ____________)


  5. Carlislepale skinned, blond, husband of Esme, a vegetarian vampire, adoptive father of Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, and Edward


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