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  1. Renee
  2. Jasper
  3. Ferrari
  4. Jacob
  5. chess
  1. a Bella's mom, ex-wife of Charlie, an eccentric, silly person, wife of Phil Dwyer
  2. b on the cover of Breaking Dawn, there are _____________ pieces
  3. c the newest of the Cullen Clan, vampire, can change emotions of those around him, Alice's mate, honey blond hair
  4. d Bella's "After" car (Red ____________)
  5. e a werewolf who lives in La Push, has a crush on Bella, black hair, part of the Quileute tribe, son of Billy Black, later imprints Renesmee

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  1. Rosalie's car (red BMW M3 _____________)
  2. Zafrina, Senna, and Kachiri's coven of vampires (Which coven?)
  3. Tanya, Carmen, Eleazar, Kate, and Garret's coven of vampires (which coven?)
  4. Edward's car (silver _________ S60R)
  5. Jacob's father, Charlie's friend, with black hair, black eyes, and he's in a wheelchair

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  1. bloodWhat vampires drink


  2. appleon the cover of Twilight, someone is holding a(n)________


  3. Porschefortune teller, with short spiky black hair, Jasper's mate, pale skinned, a vampire


  4. eagerHis last name is Crowley, and he's one of Bella's classmates. He almost ran over Bella with his car, but Edward saves her.


  5. Stephenie Meyer(First and Last name) the genius who wrote the Twilight saga


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