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  1. Edward
  2. Emmett
  3. Ben
  4. convertible
  5. superhero
  1. a Rosalie's car (red BMW M3 _____________)
  2. b brown curly haired, muscly, pale-skinned, vampire, and Rosalie's mate
  3. c Angela's boyfriend
  4. d Team _____________ (What goes in the blank? Hint: NOT Jacob)
  5. e What if I'm not the ______________? What if I'm the bad guy? (What goes in the blank?)

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. the vampire who loves Bella
  2. Bella's friend, described to be the "overly helpful chess-club type." He has black, oily hair, and acne
  3. Bella's friend who is described to be quiet, shy, tall, and very kind, with light brown hair and soft brown eyes
  4. fortune teller, with short spiky black hair, Jasper's mate, pale skinned, a vampire
  5. (last name is Uley) leader of the werewolf pack in La Push, imprinted Emily, Leah's second cousin

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  1. Jessicathe newest of the Cullen Clan, vampire, can change emotions of those around him, Alice's mate, honey blond hair


  2. seventeenhalf vampire-half human, daughter of Bella and Edward, grows quickly but will stop growing at about the age of seventeen, a quick learner, still has a pulse, and can show pictures to somebody by touching them


  3. TruckBella's first car (1953 Chevy Pickup ________)


  4. Robert Pattinson( 2 words) Edward's favorite type of animal to feed off of


  5. lifeAnd so the ___________ fell in love with the lamb. (What goes in the blank?)


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