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  1. Idea that scientific psychology should only study observable behavior.
  2. The group that receives the placebo treatment and remains the same.
  3. Type of psych. that researches to better understand positive/creative characteristics of humans.
  4. Science that studies behaviors and the Physiological/cognitive process that underlie behavior.
  5. Study of how the unconscious affects behavior/motivation/psychological disorders.

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  1. Clinical PsychologyType of psych. that is concerned with everyday problems.


  2. FunctionalismFocuses/Studies the purpose of the conscious experience.


  3. CognitionType of psych. that emphasizes the unique qualities of humans (freedom, self awareness)


  4. Dependent VariableCondition/event the experimenter varies in order to see its impact on another variable.


  5. Independent VariableThe variable that was impacted by the change in conditions.


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