Classroom rules and procedures quiz

Created by Tratts 

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What is the Procedure for a Fire drill?

you leave what ever you are doing and walk quietly to G circle.

What should you do when you first enter the classroom?

1 turn in any homework
2 write down homework
3 start bellwork

List the 3 steps of give me 5 in order?

1 stop what you are doing
2 look at the teacher
3 raise your hand for give me 2
4 and be quite

where do you turn in your homework?

you turn your homework in the basket with your classes name on it.

What are the correct procedures for lightning alert?

The Thor Gard Lightning Prodictor will go off. it is a long beep. if walking out side you should walk under cover.

What should you do if there is a severe weather alert?

If you are in the classroom the teacher will close the blinds and continue with class. If you are outside you go into the nearest classroom and wait for the all clear. no one will be able to leave the classroom they are in until the all clear

List the steps of the consequences in order?

1 a warning
2 pink slip
3 wed day after school detention

What should you do if there is a teacher emergancy?

If there is a teacher emergancy the person nearest to the phone will call the office and the person nearest to the door will go to D2 and tell the teacher that their is a teacher emergancy

What should you do if there is an intruder alert?

You should close the blinds turn off the lights, lock the door and sit agenst the cabbinits.

What should you do if you need to use the bathroom?

You should raise your hand and say quietly BATHROOM

What should you do if you have a question?

you raise your hand and when the teacher calls on you, you ask your question.

What is the correct way to be dismissed from a class?

When the teacher says you may leave. The bell does not dismiss you.

Were should all graded work be filed?

All Graded work should be filed in the graded work section of your binder.

When class begins are you allowed to go to your locker?

NO, you go to your locker before and after class


Treating others the way you WANT to be treated


to be accountable for the things i've done, to respond when appropriate


To do something because it needs to be done.


To keep my things in an organized, easy to use way


To behave according to what i know is right or wrong

Problem Solving

to seek answers in difficult situations and every day problems

Sense of Humor

To laugh and be Playful without hurting others


To try my hardest


to keep going even if the job is hard to do or finish

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