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  1. Abnormal lateral (sideward) curvature of a portion of the spine.
  2. Is the process of removing a small sample of bone marrow from a selected site with a needle for the purpose of examining the specimen under a microsccope.
  3. A malignant tumor of bones, common in young adults particularly adolescent boys
  4. Most common benign bone marrow tumor, usually located within the bone marrow cavity
  5. club foot

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  1. Dual photon absorptiometryThis procedure measures the bone density more accurately than the dual photon absorptiometry, takes less time, and emits less radiation to the patient.


  2. bone scanInvolves the intravenous injection of a radioisotope, which is absorbed by the bone. After approximately three hours, the skeleton is scanned with a gamma camera (scanner), moving from one end of the body to the other. The scanner detects the areas where the bone absorbs the isotope and converts the radioactive image to a screen where the concentrations show up as pinpoint dots cast in the image of a skeleton.


  3. LordosisAbnormal outward curvature of a portion of the spine, also known as humpback or hunchback.


  4. DEXA Dual energy x-ray absorptiometryThis procedure measures bone density within 2-3% accuracy of the bone's actual density


  5. KyphosisAbnormal inward curvature of a portion of the spine, also known as swayback


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