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  1. If testing density of different substances both liquid and solid, what type of graph should I use?
  2. Where does the dependent variable on your graph?
  3. What is a dependent variable
  4. What is an indirect observation?
  5. Where does the independent variable go on your graph?
  1. a bar graph bc doesn't need to be in a specific order
  2. b changes because the independent variable changes
  3. c on the left side
  4. d use a tool
    ex. 10 g measurement with a balance
  5. e on the bottom

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  1. How does _____________ affect ________________?
  2. the one factor that changes in an experiement
  3. the one factor that stays the same
  4. zero the balance
  5. qualitative; quantitative; indirect:direct

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  1. What are the 4 steps for unit multipliers?______ x _____ = ________ = ________


  2. ______ ml = 1 L1,000


  3. What is a quantitative observation?words
    ex. YELLOW pencil


  4. When writing a question for an experiment, where does the independent variable fit in the format?How does (independent variable) affect ____________?


  5. What is the format for writing a prediction for an experiment?If ___________ then ______________.


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