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Analysis of an Experiment Test

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  1. What is an independent variable
  2. What unit do WE use to measure temperature in this class?
  3. If testing density of different substances both liquid and solid, what type of graph should I use?
  4. What is an observation?
  5. What is the format for writing a question in an experiment?
  1. a bar graph bc doesn't need to be in a specific order
  2. b using the 5 senses
  3. c the one factor that changes in an experiement
  4. d How does _____________ affect ________________?
  5. e Celsius

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  1. 10
  2. different amounts of salt in each
  3. on the bottom
  4. 100 C
  5. qualitative; quantitative; indirect:direct

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  1. _____ cm = 1 m1,000


  2. What is an inference?a belief base on facts


  3. Which sample of the 3 would be the control if I was graphing the density of different amounts of salt in liquids?different amounts of salt in each


  4. What is the format for writing a prediction for an experiment?If ___________ then ______________.


  5. What is the unit for density?d = m/v (mass / volume)


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