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  1. What unit do WE use to measure temperature in this class?
  2. When writing a question for an experiment, where does the independent variable fit in the format?
  3. At what temperature does water boil in the metric system?
  4. What is an observation?
  5. What is an indirect observation?
  1. a use a tool
    ex. 10 g measurement with a balance
  2. b Celsius
  3. c 100 C
  4. d How does (independent variable) affect ____________?
  5. e using the 5 senses

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  1. density of the water
  2. qualitative; quantitative; indirect:direct
  3. How does __________ affect (dependent variable) ?
  4. 1,000
  5. numbers
    ex. 5 ml pencil

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  1. What is the unit for density?g/ml; g/cm cubed


  2. What is a qualitative observation?numbers
    ex. 5 ml pencil


  3. What is an independent variablethe one factor that changes in an experiement


  4. If testing density of different substances both liquid and solid, what type of graph should I use?zero the balance


  5. What is an inference?using the 5 senses


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