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  1. ascribe
  2. anteroom
  3. adulation
  4. appropriate
  5. beatitude
  1. a excessive praise or flattery
  2. b a lobby or waiting room
  3. c to attribute; to credit as to a cause or source.
  4. d to take possession of (verb); suitable (adj.)
  5. e state of bliss, blessedness; state of great happiness

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  1. a phony attitude; insincerity
  2. to approve; to certify
  3. rapid; quick
  4. able to move quickly
  5. friendly; pleasant

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  1. adduceconfused


  2. aproposskillful; clever


  3. augustmajestic; worthy of respect; impressive


  4. appositeto take possession of (verb); suitable (adj.)


  5. amisswrong; faulty; improper


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