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  1. avuncular
  2. affectation
  3. addled
  4. apocryphal
  5. allocate
  1. a doubtful; not authentic
  2. b
    like an uncle
  3. c confused
  4. d to set aside for a specific purpose
  5. e a phony attitude; insincerity

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  1. located in front or forward
  2. conflicting feelings toward something or someone
  3. to relieve or to calm
  4. to humiliate; to humble; to lower
  5. approval

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  1. aloftup in the air; high


  2. agrarianto accuse


  3. attritiona wearing down or away; a decline


  4. ambrosialpertaining to a deposit of sand formed by flowing water


  5. assimilateto yield; to give up


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