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  1. apoplexy
  2. arroyo
  3. barb
  4. augment
  5. arcane
  1. a to increase; to make greater
  2. b sudden loss of consciousness; paralysis
  3. c
    a pointed part, as of an arrow or fishhook
  4. d mysterious
  5. e a deep ditch caused by running water

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  1. like an eagle; curved or hooked
  2. to combine; to unite; to blend

  3. harmful; menacing; pernicious
  4. loss of the ability to speak

  5. like an uncle

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  1. auroral
    pertaining to the dawn


  2. amorphousrelevant; appropriate; fitting


  3. assessto estimate the value of


  4. anoxialack of oxygen


  5. asceticto find out; to determine


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