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  1. allele
  2. Northern blotting
  3. adenine (A):
  4. genotype
  5. bivalents
  1. a The transfer of electrophoretically separated RNA molecules from a gel onto an absorbent sheet, which is then immersed in a labeled probe that will bind to the RNA of interest.
  2. b Two homologous chromosomes paired at meiosis.
  3. c One of the different forms of a gene that can exist at a single locus.
  4. d A purine base that pairs with thymine in the DNA double helix.
  5. e The allelic composition of an individual or of a cell—either of the entire genome or, more commonly, of a certain gene or a set of genes.

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  1. The process whereby geneticists find a set of genes affecting some biological process of interest by the single-gene inheritance patterns of their mutant alleles or by genomic analysis.
  2. In a human pedigree, the person who first came to the attention of the geneticist.
  3. The deliberate mating of two parental types of organisms in genetic analysis.
  4. A characteristic feature of an organism, such as size, color, shape, or enzyme activity.
  5. Describes a gene that, in a diploid cell, can promote wild-type function in only one copy (dose).

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  1. gene:To fertilize eggs with sperms from the same individual.


  2. recombinant(1) In general, any process in a diploid or partly diploid cell that generates new gene or chromosomal combinations not previously found in that cell or in its progenitors. (2) At meiosis, the process that generates a haploid product of meiosis whose genotype is different from either of the two haploid genotypes that constituted the meiotic diploid.


  3. homozygous dominantThe phenotype shown by a heterozygote.


  4. homozygous recessiveRefers to a genotype such as a/a.


  5. independent assortmentThe basic unit of eukaryotic chromosome structure; a ball of eight histone molecules that is wrapped by two coils of DNA.


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