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  1. maternal inheritance
  2. genomics
  3. dominant
  4. chloroplast DNA (cpDNA)
  5. tetrad
  1. a The small genomic component found in the chloroplasts of plants, concerned with photosynthesis and other functions taking place within that organelle.
  2. b The phenotype shown by a heterozygote.
  3. c The cloning and molecular characterization of entire genomes.
  4. d (1) Four homologous chromatids in a bundle in the first meiotic prophase and metaphase. (2) The four haploid product cells from a single meiosis.
  5. e A type of uniparental inheritance in which all progeny have the genotype and phenotype of the parent acting as the female.

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  1. A cross of an individual organism of unknown genotype or a heterozygote (or a multiple heterozygote) with a tester.
  2. One of the different forms of a gene that can exist at a single locus.
  3. Recombination from assortment or crossing over at meiosis.
  4. ...
  5. An RNA molecule transcribed from the DNA of a gene; a protein is translated from this RNA molecule by the action of ribosomes.

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  1. X linkageThe inheritance pattern of genes found on the X chromosome but not on the Y chromosome.


  2. meiosisA type of nuclear division (occurring at cell division) that produces two daughter nuclei identical with the parent nucleus.


  3. quantitative trait locus (QTL)A gene contributing to the phenotypic variation in a trait that show complex inheritance, such as height and weight.


  4. propositusTwo successive nuclear divisions (with corresponding cell divisions) that produce gametes (in animals) or sexual spores (in plants and fungi) that have one-half of the genetic material of the original cell.


  5. histoneA type of basic protein that forms the unit around which DNA is coiled in the nucleosomes of eukaryotic chromosomes.


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