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  1. nucleotide
  2. product rule
  3. homozygous dominant
  4. cytosine (C):
  5. nucleosome
  1. a A molecule composed of a nitrogen base, a sugar, and a phosphate group; the basic building block of nucleic acids.
  2. b The basic unit of eukaryotic chromosome structure; a ball of eight histone molecules that is wrapped by two coils of DNA.
  3. c A pyrimidine base that pairs with guanine.
  4. d The probability of two independent events occurring simultaneously is the product of the individual probabilities.
  5. e Refers to a genotype such as A/A.

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  1. In a human pedigree, the person who first came to the attention of the geneticist.
  2. A chain of linked nucleotides (having deoxyribose as their sugars). Two such chains in double helical form are the fundamental substance of which genes are composed.
  3. The inheritance pattern of genes found on the Y chromosome but not on the X chromosome (rare).
  4. The subset of the genome found in the mitochondrion, specializing in providing some of the organelle's functions
  5. An allele whose phenotypic effect is not expressed in a heterozygote.

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  1. model organismA polymorphism with only two forms.


  2. molecular geneticsAn experimental procedure that begins with a cloned segment of DNA or a protein sequence and uses it (through directed mutagenesis) to introduce programmed mutations back into the genome to investigate function.


  3. geneThe entire complement of genetic material in a chromosome set.


  4. selfThe fundamental physical and functional unit of heredity, which carries information from one generation to the next; a segment of DNA composed of a transcribed region and a regulatory sequence that makes transcription possible.


  5. product of meiosisOne of the (usually four) cells formed by the two meiotic divisions.


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