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  1. hybrid vigor
  2. nucleosome
  3. Y chromosome
  4. adenine (A):
  5. wild type
  1. a The genotype or phenotype that is found in nature or in the standard laboratory stock for a given organism.
  2. b A situation in which an F1 is larger or healthier than its two different pure parental lines.
  3. c A purine base that pairs with thymine in the DNA double helix.
  4. d The basic unit of eukaryotic chromosome structure; a ball of eight histone molecules that is wrapped by two coils of DNA.
  5. e One of a pair of sex chromosomes, distinguished from the X chromosome.

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  1. A cell having two chromosome sets or an individual organism having two chromosome sets in each of its cells.
  2. One form of a genetic polymorphism; the morph can be either a phenotype or a molecular sequence.
  3. A cell in which meiosis takes place.
  4. One of the (usually four) cells formed by the two meiotic divisions.
  5. A pair of sister chromatids joined at the centromere, as in the first division of meiosis.

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  1. chi-square (χ2) testAn attribute of individual members of a species for which various heritable differences can be defined.


  2. sum ruleLabeled nucleic acid segment that can be used to identify specific DNA molecules bearing the complementary sequence, usually through autoradiography or fluorescence.


  3. natural selectionThe differential rate of reproduction of different types in a population as the result of different physiological, anatomical, or behavioral characteristics of the types.


  4. testcrossA type of basic protein that forms the unit around which DNA is coiled in the nucleosomes of eukaryotic chromosomes.


  5. theory of evolutionThe synthesis of RNA from a DNA template.


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