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  1. Physical Maps
  2. Latitude
  3. Tropic Of Capricorn
  4. 1 Degree
  5. Weather
  1. a Covers about 69 miles.
  2. b the condition of the air and sky at a certain time
  3. c Show natural features
  4. d 23 degrees South (26')
  5. e The distance north and south of the Equator

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  1. 66 degrees South (33')
  2. December(About 21st)- South pole is closest to the sun.
    Lack of sunlight brings winter to the northern hemisphere
    June(About the 21st)-North pole is tilted closest to the sun. Brings summer to the northern hemisphere
  3. We have Time Zones because the earth rotates
  4. ways to map earth on a flat surface
  5. 66 degrees North (33')

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  1. Other NamesLatitude-Parallels


  2. The International Date LineMeasures 180 degrees.


  3. Equatorline of latitude at 0 degrees latitude


  4. TemperatureA measure of how cold or hot the air is


  5. Tropic Of Cancer23 degrees South (26')


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