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  1. The Equal Area Projection
  2. Physical Maps
  3. Temperature
  4. Equator
  5. Equinox
  1. a Show natural features
  2. b Shows the correct size of land masses. But the shapes are distorted
  3. c March (About the 21st)-Sun is directly overhead at noon on the equator. Axis is tilted neither away or toward the sun
    September(About the 23rd)-Sun is again directly overhead at noon on the equator
  4. d line of latitude at 0 degrees latitude
  5. e A measure of how cold or hot the air is

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  1. the condition of the air and sky at a certain time
  2. Measures 180 degrees.
  3. ways to map earth on a flat surface
  4. Shows correct shapes and directions but not true distances or sizes. Makes poles bigger than they are.
  5. Shows nearly the correct size and shape of most land areas. But even it has distortion especially in the areas around the edges of the map.

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  1. Time ZonesWe have Time Zones because the earth rotates


  2. Political MapsShow political units: Countries, States, may show capitals or centers of Government and Major Cities


  3. LatitudeThe distance north and south of the Equator


  4. Antarctic Circle66 degrees South (33')


  5. Prime MeridianThe Line of Longitude that runs through Greenwich, England is considered 0 degrees or the prime meridian


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