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  1. V v
  2. R r
  3. A a
  4. B b
  5. J j
  1. a
    J is for Jaguar
  2. b
    A is for Apple
  3. c
    V is for Violin
  4. d
    R is for Rabbit
  5. e
    B is for Boy

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  1. Z is for Zebra

  2. M is for Mouse

  3. Q is for Queen

  4. U is for Umbrella

  5. D is for Dog

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  1. T t
    Q is for Queen


  2. P p
    P is for Panda


  3. C c
    C is for Cat


  4. X x
    Q is for Queen


  5. H h
    X is for Xylophone


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