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  1. Which inchoate crime focuses on the words of the defendant?
  2. This crime includes controlled substances used for sale, trafficking, or distribution.
  3. In Pennslyvania, can you be convicted of both conspiracy to robbery and robbery for the same incident
  4. The insanity rule in PA is called
  5. The key element in all theft and property crimes is
  1. a M'Naughten
  2. b Solicitation
  3. c Possesion with intent to deliver
  4. d Yes
  5. e intent to permently deprive owner

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  1. Contempt
  2. 3 yrs per victim, and must be consecutive
  3. to build society along certain generally accepted norms
  4. value of property and type of property
  5. Expert Testimony

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  1. The categories of controlled substances used in PA's Controlled Substance, Drug Device and Cosmetics ActSchedule 1-V


  2. A defense that is designed to protect the innocent and restrain overzealous law enforcementvalue of property and type of property


  3. The process by which both state and federal authorites can seize property or assets they believe were aquired with proceeds from illegal drug activityintent to permently deprive owner


  4. Include defenses such as freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and freedom of assemblycontrolled substance


  5. What are the 3 major inchoate crimes?Contempt, Conspiracy, Solicitation


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