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Criminal Procedure Test

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  1. Crimes against publice order and safety such as disorderly conduct seek to achieve what societal goal?
  2. This crime includes controlled substances used for sale, trafficking, or distribution.
  3. The categories of controlled substances used in PA's Controlled Substance, Drug Device and Cosmetics Act
  4. What are the 3 major inchoate crimes?
  5. Includes heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and ecstasy, to name a few
  1. a Schedule 1-V
  2. b Contempt, Conspiracy, Solicitation
  3. c to build society along certain generally accepted norms
  4. d controlled substance
  5. e Possesion with intent to deliver

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  1. level of intent, permently depriving, w/o consent or permission
  2. Yes
  3. false documents passed off as genuine articles
  4. Cybercrime
  5. Vouluntary intoxication

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  1. The process by which both state and federal authorites can seize property or assets they believe were aquired with proceeds from illegal drug activityintent to permently deprive owner


  2. Which inchoate crime focuses on the words of the defendant?Conspiracy


  3. A defense where the defendent claims he or she was somewhere other than the scene of the crimeAlibi


  4. Includes double jeopardy defense5th Amendment


  5. Often used in criminal cases to establish a defendents intent to deliver a drugPossesion


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