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  1. This crime includes controlled substances used for sale, trafficking, or distribution.
  2. A defense that is designed to protect the innocent and restrain overzealous law enforcement
  3. Crimes against publice order and safety such as disorderly conduct seek to achieve what societal goal?
  4. In Pennslyvania, can you be convicted of both conspiracy to robbery and robbery for the same incident
  5. In general, the penalties for a DAI offense depends on what two factors?
  1. a to build society along certain generally accepted norms
  2. b Yes
  3. c BAC and Prior Convictions
  4. d Entrapment
  5. e Possesion with intent to deliver

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  1. forfeiture
  2. Contempt, Conspiracy, Solicitation
  3. Contempt
  4. Solicitation
  5. Vouluntary intoxication

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  1. The insanity rule in PA is calledM'Naughten


  2. Referes to one's blood alcohol levelBAC


  3. A defense where the defendent claims he or she was somewhere other than the scene of the crimeAlibi


  4. This crime includes controlled substance used for personal usePossesion


  5. Often used in criminal cases to establish a defendents intent to deliver a drugcontrolled substance


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