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  1. What are the 3 ethnic groups?
  2. What basic belief made Christianity diff. from Judaism ?
  3. What are the 2 branches of Islam? What issue led to split Islam?
  4. How has dams on rivers in SW Asia caused problems b/w countries that share the same river?
  5. Much of SW Asia is what type of geographical feature?

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  1. Religious:based on beliefs;ethnic:based on ancestory
    what is the difference of religious and ethnic groups?


  2. Islam, Judaism, Christianitywhat are the 3 religious groups of SW Asia?


  3. Persian GulfMost cities are located near what?


  4. Euphrates RiverWhat river do Syria, Israel, Jordan share?


  5. Organization of Petroleum ExportingCountries;to have more control of the price of oil on world marketWhat is OPEC? What is the purpose of OPEC?


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