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  1. What basic belief made Christianity diff. from Judaism ?
  2. which river has caused conflict because of water rights?
  3. What is OPEC? What is the purpose of OPEC?
  4. what is the difference of religious and ethnic groups?
  5. what are the 3 religious groups of SW Asia?

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  1. natural gas, oilWhat is the climate of SW Asia?


  2. Countries have more oil production=$$$=standard of livingHow has he presence of oil in some SW countries affected the standard of living?


  3. 50%How much of the world's oil is found in SW Asia?


  4. Arabs, Kurds, PersiansWhat basic belief made Christianity diff. from Judaism ?


  5. it makes the rivers less powerful and smaller when it reaches the other countriesHow has dams on rivers in SW Asia caused problems b/w countries that share the same river?


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