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  1. anaphora
  2. thesis
  3. invective
  4. assonance
  5. apostrophe
  1. a an abusive expression; insulting language
  2. b a statement of the purpose of a piece of expository writing in one or more sentences
  3. c the repetition of a word or set of words at the beginning of successive phrases, clauses, or sentences
  4. d a form of personification featuring an address to an absent or imagined person or to a personified abstract idea
  5. e the repetition of similar vowel sounds in a group of words

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  1. a question posed without the expectation of an answer and used to emphasize an idea or encourage reflection
  2. the assignment of human characteristics to inanimate objects or nature in a direct and explicit manner
  3. language, actions, or situations contrary to what is intended or expected
  4. a logical fallacy in which the point being argued is assumed to be true without any logical support (Note that "to beg the question" does not mean "to raise the question"; the "question" is the issue under debate.)
  5. a device used to heighten dramatic intensity by contrasting a character's beliefs and actions are ironic because they result from an incomplete understanding of reality

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  1. alliterationa comment or note added to a text; a commentary


  2. antithesisa statement of the purpose of a piece of expository writing in one or more sentences


  3. hyperbolefiction and nonfiction written in ordinary language (as opposed to poetry)


  4. synecdochean extravagant exaggeration


  5. allusiona moral story featuring a symbolic representation of ideas through fictional characters (often animals)


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