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  1. purple prose (a patch of purple prose)
  2. homily
  3. sarcasm
  4. pathetic fallacy
  5. parody
  1. a literary works, or passages in literary works, that feature exaggerated sentiment or extravagant and flowery language
  2. b the assignment of human characteristics to inanimate objects or nature in an indirect and implicit manner, usually through the use of allusion and usually to create an analogy
  3. c the use of verbal irony, usually in a harsh or mocking manner, for negative or destructive purposes,
  4. d a humorous imitation of a serious work
  5. e a sermon; a serious, moralizing lecture; an inspirational cliche

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  1. a logical fallacy in which an argument maintains that only two alternatives (often on opposite ends of a spectrum) exist when in fact there are more options
  2. the substitution of a common word or phrase for a proper name; the use of a proper name associated with a particular quality to describe a person or group
  3. a word, phrase, or sentence that links ideas
  4. the placement of words, phrases, or sentences in a parallel structure to form a balanced contrast of ideas
  5. language, actions, or situations contrary to what is intended or expected

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  1. synecdochea short account of an interesting event (often biographical)


  2. anaphoraa direct comparison of two unlike things to suggest a similarity, often in the form "X is Y"


  3. meiosisan understatement, generally used to minimize the emphasis of the claim (a form of litotes)


  4. satirethe use of irony, ridicule, or wit (usually to expose and/or mock negative qualities)


  5. similea comparison of two unlike things to suggest a similarity through the use of "like" or "as" ("X is like Y")


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