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  1. pathetic fallacy
  2. transition
  3. personification
  4. allegory
  5. satire
  1. a a word, phrase, or sentence that links ideas
  2. b a moral story featuring a symbolic representation of ideas through fictional characters (often animals)
  3. c the assignment of human characteristics to inanimate objects or nature in an indirect and implicit manner, usually through the use of allusion and usually to create an analogy
  4. d the assignment of human characteristics to inanimate objects or nature in a direct and explicit manner
  5. e the use of irony, ridicule, or wit (usually to expose and/or mock negative qualities)

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  1. the use of verbal irony, usually in a harsh or mocking manner, for negative or destructive purposes,
  2. the repetition of similar consonant sounds in a group of words
  3. a sermon; a serious, moralizing lecture; an inspirational cliche
  4. something that diverts attention from a central issue
  5. a short account of an interesting event (often biographical)

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  1. parodya statement that seems to be contradictory or unbelievable but may actually be true


  2. dramatic ironysituational irony that is interpreted to be a result of the intervention of a greater external force, such as fate of a deity


  3. antithesisthe placement of words, phrases, or sentences in a parallel structure to form a balanced contrast of ideas


  4. situation ironya device used to heighten dramatic intensity by contrasting a character's beliefs and actions are ironic because they result from an incomplete understanding of reality


  5. punintellectually surprising and amusing language, usually brief and pointed


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