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  1. Moving too quickly from data collection to treatment planning (CF #4)
  2. A Counselor's primary focus in conducting an assessment (CF #4)
  3. Interdisciplinary Team
  4. Client education material
  5. Styles of Learning
  1. a Should be presented in a style that is respectful of cultural, racial, ethnic, and sexual diversity among substance abusers.
  2. b Identifying the client's problems and needs, strengths and weaknesses.
  3. c A common error made by counselors when conducting an assessment.
  4. d Can include a physician, psychiatrist, registered nurse, program manager, program director, clinical supervisor, mental health professionals such as a psychologist, social worker, substance abuse counselor, and family therapist
  5. e Auditory, visual, kinesthetic

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  1. Interpersonal interactions
  2. men, alcoholics, person who has lost someone, someone who takes drugs, person recently diagnosed with HIV infection, lesbian and gay youth
  3. Client data, referral information, presenting problem, acceptancve in program or referral out
  4. Type of information which should be kept in a client's record.
  5. Name of client; name of agency releasing the information; name of agency receiving the information; nature of the information being released; purpose for the release of information; specific date, event, or condition terminating consent

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  1. Treatment TeamNecessary quality in a crisis counselor


  2. Barriers to effective assessmentEstablish rapport
    Gather relevant data
    Reframe the crisis into a solvable problem
    Help client examine realistic options
    Contact resources
    Arrange for follow-up


  3. Definition of Counseling (Core Function #6)The procedure by which the counselor/program identifies and evaluates an individual's strengths, weaknesses, problems, and needs for the development of the treatment plan.


  4. Definition of Crisis Intervention (Core Function #8)Those services which respond to an alcohol and/or other drug abuser's needs during acute emotional and/or physical distress.


  5. Determining the problem (CF #8)The counselor's first step when a client discloses suicidal thoughts.


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