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  1. Empathy
  2. Level of care
  3. Ethnic minorities and women
  4. Catharsis
  5. Examples of a Developmental Crisis
  1. a Release of emotions
  2. b Have special needs in treatment that impact the assessment process.
  3. c Retirement, Marriage
  4. d The counselor should seek the least restrictive level of intervention/care first.
  5. e Necessary quality in a crisis counselor

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  1. Death of a loved one, serious illness, positive test result for HIV infection
  2. Role Modeling
  3. Physiological, behavioral, family, economic, interpersonal, other drug use, employment, and legal
  4. A common error made by counselors when conducting an assessment.
  5. _______ into the treatment plan is essential for its success.

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  1. The 6 tasks of the counselor during the screening process (CF #1)Assemble forms, collect and analyze information from referral source, interview the client, analyze information to determine if the client is appropriate for the program, and make arrangements for referral


  2. Typical reactions to a crisisShock, anxiety, intellectualization


  3. Techniques to enhance counselor's interviewing style (CF #1)eye contact, cultural consideration, awareness of gender differences, verbal language, body language, confidentiality, reflective listening, open-ended questions, affirming the client, and use of summarization


  4. Client education materialShould be clarified early in the process in order to prevent frustration, which leads to dropping out or disruptive behavior.


  5. Group CohesivenessSense of togetherness


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