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  1. Examples of a Developmental Crisis
  2. Examples of an Intrapsychic Crisis
  3. Definition of Intake (Core Function #2)
  4. Example of an Existential Crisis
  5. ASAM's dimensional criteria
  1. a Feeling of emptiness
  2. b Suicidal thoughts, identity confusion
  3. c The administrative and initial procedures for admission to a program.
  4. d Retirement, Marriage
  5. e Acute intoxication and/or withdrawal potential
    Biomedical conditions and complications
    Emotional/behavioral conditions and complications
    Treatment acceptance/resistance
    Relapse/continued use potential
    Recovery Environment

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  1. Occurs in groups by means of observation, identification with another person's work and modeling.
  2. The provision of information to individuals and groups concerning alcohol and other drug abuse and the available services and resources.
  3. The activities that bring services, agencies, resources, or people together within a plannedframework of action toward the achievement of established goals.
  4. 0.5: Early Intervention
    I: Outpatient Services
    II: Intensive Outpatient Services/Partial Hospitalizaiton
    III: Residential/Inpatient Services
    IV: Medically Managed Intensive Inpatient Services
  5. Shock, anxiety, intellectualization

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  1. Interdisciplinary TeamCan include a physician, psychiatrist, registered nurse, program manager, program director, clinical supervisor, mental health professionals such as a psychologist, social worker, substance abuse counselor, and family therapist


  2. Client education materialShould be presented in a style that is respectful of cultural, racial, ethnic, and sexual diversity among substance abusers.


  3. Client RightsAssurance of individualized treatment, competent or qualified staff, personal privacy or dignity, and the right to review his treatment plan.


  4. Measurement of progress toward treatment goals (CF #11)Best assessed by reviewing documentation in progress notes.


  5. Treatment Plan ObjectivesAssists the client to achieve the goals outlined in the treatment plan.


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