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  1. Client input
  2. Altruism
  3. Moving too quickly from data collection to treatment planning (CF #4)
  4. Group Cohesiveness
  5. Areas of awareness to consider when designing an educational program on cultural diversity
  1. a Sense of togetherness
  2. b _______ into the treatment plan is essential for its success.
  3. c Caring about others
  4. d Pluralistic orientation, cultural knowledge, consciousness-raising, and experiential training
  5. e A common error made by counselors when conducting an assessment.

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  1. The essential first step in determining the possible causes of addiction for the person and the most appropriate treatment modality for his or her needs.
  2. Type of information which should be kept in a client's record.
  3. A possible substance abuse or dependence problem, physical condition is appropriate to the level of care provided in the program, mental or medical illness is either ruled out or can be appropriately treated concurrent to substance abuse treatment.
  4. The procedure by which the counselor/program identifies and evaluates an individual's strengths, weaknesses, problems, and needs for the development of the treatment plan.
  5. When client has consented in writing; when disclosure involves internal communications; when communications do not disclose client identifying information; when there is a medical emergency; when a disclosure is court-ordered; when the client commits or threatens to commit a crime against the program or its personnel; when needed by qualified persons authorized to conduct audits, research or program evaluations; or when there is child abuse and neglect

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  1. EmpathyRelease of emotions


  2. Definition of Referral (Core Function #10)Charting the results of the assessment and treatment plan, writing reports, progress notes, discharge summaries, and other client-related data.


  3. Existential FactorsApplies to all


  4. Definition of CrisisLook toward the future


  5. Treatment Team_______ into the treatment plan is essential for its success.


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