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  1. Development of socializing techniques
  2. People at greater risk for suicide
  3. Interdisciplinary Team
  4. Individual needs can be met in group by
  5. Activities during the intake process (CF #2)
  1. a Can include a physician, psychiatrist, registered nurse, program manager, program director, clinical supervisor, mental health professionals such as a psychologist, social worker, substance abuse counselor, and family therapist
  2. b Enlarging the individual concern to a common theme so all members can relate to it.
  3. c men, alcoholics, person who has lost someone, someone who takes drugs, person recently diagnosed with HIV infection, lesbian and gay youth
  4. d completing forms for eligibility and admission to the program, discussing information about confidentiality, obtaining signed consent forms, taking a substance abuse history, mental health history, family history, and a social history
  5. e Interpersonal interactions

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  1. Should be individualized and based on the client's particular problems and needs.
  2. Role Modeling
  3. Release of emotions
  4. Caring about others
  5. Charting the results of the assessment and treatment plan, writing reports, progress notes, discharge summaries, and other client-related data.

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  1. Examples of a Developmental CrisisFeeling of emptiness


  2. Screening ProcessAssists the client to achieve the goals outlined in the treatment plan.


  3. Definition of Treatment Planning (Core Function #5)The utilizaiton of special skills to assist individuals, families, or groups in achieving objectives through exploration of a problem and its ramifications; examination of attitudes and feelings; consideration of alternative solutions; and decision making.


  4. Assessment (Core Function #4)The essential first step in determining the possible causes of addiction for the person and the most appropriate treatment modality for his or her needs.


  5. Definition of Crisis Intervention (Core Function #8)The process during which the general nature, rules, and regulations of the program are described to the client. In a nonresidential setting, information should alsobe provided on the hours during which services are available.


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