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  1. Definition of Crisis Intervention (Core Function #8)
  2. Monitoring, feedback, and evaluation of services (CF #7)
  3. Treatment Team
  4. Client Expectations in group
  5. Factors to determine eligibility for a particular program (CF #1)
  1. a A possible substance abuse or dependence problem, physical condition is appropriate to the level of care provided in the program, mental or medical illness is either ruled out or can be appropriately treated concurrent to substance abuse treatment.
  2. b Assists the client to achieve the goals outlined in the treatment plan.
  3. c Effective case management for person in need of multiple services requires _______
  4. d Should be clarified early in the process in order to prevent frustration, which leads to dropping out or disruptive behavior.
  5. e Those services which respond to an alcohol and/or other drug abuser's needs during acute emotional and/or physical distress.

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  1. Must be stated in concrete, behavioral terms so that the client's progress can be clearly measured.
  2. May take place before, during, or after screening and intake. It must take place before treatment begins.
  3. Applies to all
  4. Health problems, psychological testing, family therapy, continuing education, special therapy groups, and legal issues
  5. Situational- the circumstances cause the upset
    Developmental- the process of growing through life stages can cause upset
    Intrapsychic- thoughts and feelings cause upset
    Existential- sense of emptiness and lack of purpose in life can cause upset

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  1. Corrective recapitulation of familyShould be presented in a style that is respectful of cultural, racial, ethnic, and sexual diversity among substance abusers.


  2. Ethnic minorities and womenLook toward the future


  3. Ways to establish rapport with a client during screening (CF #1)Client data, referral information, presenting problem, acceptancve in program or referral out


  4. The 6 tasks of the counselor during the screening process (CF #1)completing forms for eligibility and admission to the program, discussing information about confidentiality, obtaining signed consent forms, taking a substance abuse history, mental health history, family history, and a social history


  5. Definition of Record Keeping (Core Function #11)Charting the results of the assessment and treatment plan, writing reports, progress notes, discharge summaries, and other client-related data.


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