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  1. Sixth step OMP decarboxylase
  2. Anti neoplastics
  3. Importance of adenosine Deaminase
  4. Results of tx with allopurinal
  5. Hypoxanthine
  1. a serum urate decraeases
    serum hypoxanthine and xanthine increase, these are more soluble and easily excreted
    Decreases total rate of purine biosynthesis
  2. b Removes CO2 and forms Uracil base on ribose P, UMP from OMP
  3. c some discussed earlier
    araC, triphosphate interferes with DNA synthesis
  4. d the base on IMP
  5. e ADA deaminates Adenosine to insosine, enabling the salvage pathway of HGPRT to take it to IMP. after the ribose and phosphate are removed by PNP

    if ADA does not work SCIDS develops

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  1. CPS II = takes CO2 and Gln to Carbamoyl P
    ATCase, committed step = take Carbamoyl P and Aspartate to N-Carbamoyl aspartate
    CTPS = takes UTP to CTP
  2. Used for salvage

    Hypoxanthine Guanine PRT or HGPRT catalyzes 2 rxns

    PRPP and hypoxanthine to IMP plus PPi

    or PRPP plus Guanine to GMP plus PPi

    Adenine PRT , APRT

    PRPP plus adenine to AMP plus PPi.
  3. AZT, DDC, ddI
    Used to treat HIV and AIDS
    Triphosphates inhibit retroviral reverse transcriptase
  4. CTP inhibits the action of ATCase the committed step and addition of aspartate to carbamoyl P

    and UMP inhibits the action of CPSII the first step and formation of Carbamoyl p
  5. The most important step, most difficult thermodynamically, and committed step.

    goes from PRPP to PRA

    Takes nitrogen from Glutamine and places on ribose with a PPi leaving group and Glucose formed

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  1. Why allopurinal decreases rate of purine biosynthesisIt lowers the PRPP pool by binding and using HGPRT to form an allopurinol ribonucleotide

    This inhibits the action of glutamine PRPP amidotransferase

    and Thus there is less flux through the de novo purine pathway


  2. Purine biosynthesis IMP to AMPIMP uses NAD+ and H20 to oxidize and add carboxyl O to bottom left carbon making base xanthine

    Glutamine and ATP needed to replace carboxyl O with N. Forming GMP


  3. Purine Nucleosid Phosphorylase PNP deficiencyUsed for degradation

    Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase has multiple substrates. Has a stronger affinity for Guo and Ino, and weak affinity for Ado, all are not phosphorylated

    It takes them all to Guanine, hypoxanthine, and adenine pluse a ribose 1 phosphate


  4. How to take Ribonucleosides from Mono, Di and tri phosphateAdenylate Kinase takes ATP and AMP to 2 ADPs

    nucleoside monophosphate kinases take G,C,UMPs plus ATP to ADP plus G,C,UDPs

    nucleoside diphosphate kinases take G,C,UDPs plus ATP to ADP plus G,C,UTPs

    oxidative phosphorylation takes ADP plus Pi to ATP


  5. Why IMP to GMP uses ATPthis is a way to use biofeedback high ATP means GMP should be formed Low ATP means ATP should be formed


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