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  1. Number of books inthe Bible
  2. the Bible is not the Word, it.....
  3. what are the 4 types of literature?
  4. Number of books in the Old Testament
  5. What are test for Canonicity -
  1. a contains the Word of God
  2. b 66
  3. c 39
  4. d Narrative, Prophesy, poetry, & parables
  5. e author, audience, teaching

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  1. what was going on at the time the author wrote the specific passage- ex- the dividic Psalms
  2. the pentateoch- in which Israel is chosen, redeemed, disciplined and instructed
  3. God simply dictated the Bible to human scribes
  4. *discovered by a sheperd boy back in 1947
    *date back to 200-100 B.C.
    *contain at least some of every OT book
    *most importantly, they contain the reliability of the masoretic text
  5. The Bible is Trustworthy; The Bible is Authoritative:

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  1. #3 forthe masoradeveloped a system of detailed notes on the text


  2. The 17 books of history trace the history page to small books


  3. Plenary Verbal Inspiration TeoryGod inspired the thoughts ofthe human writers but not necessarily the words; Because they had this freedom there may be errors; Holy Spirit protected the doctrinaeworks of Scripture


  4. The Old looks ahead and the New Testament looks back to the pivot point of ALL history:The death, burrial, and resurrection of the Messiah.


  5. The Samaritan Penateuch......*contains only Gen.-Deut.
    * originated with the Jamaritans
    * oldest text dates back to A.D 1100
    *Due to theological difference in the samaritans and the jews, this is not as reliable


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