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  1. Hermenutics
  2. Test 2 for Canonicity
  3. Septuagint (lXX)....
  4. Number of books in the Old Testament
  5. The hebrew word for scribe means....
  1. a counter
  2. b the science of interpreting the bible
  3. c 39
  4. d Translation of the OT into Greek
    *dates back toaround 200-300 B.C.
    *Egyptian city of Alexandria- (???????)
    *Its name and abbreviation come from the facts that 72 scholars did the translation
    *Penatuech- firs five books of the Septuagint
  5. e Written to all generations

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  1. 3
  2. The words or phrases that are closest to the passage in question
  3. we Discover our Past, Understand our Present and attain Hope for the Future.
  4. the words of Scripture
  5. the original translations of the original languages, Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek

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  1. The last part of the Bible was written in.....Hebrew


  2. the masoretes knew that there were......*date back to before A.D. 1000
    *most scholars believe this is a reflection of an A.D. 100 text
    *is the most reliable text


  3. Number of books inthe Bible39


  4. The largest part of the Bible was written in this languageGreek


  5. Transmissionthe science of interpreting the bible


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