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  1. Scribes
  2. Inspiration - How was the Bilbe Written?
  3. #1 of the masora
  4. The books were written over a period of...
  5. Transmission
  1. a A response to the growing disregard for the divine authority; transcendent beyond our comprehension unless He reveals Himself (Jesus);
  2. b Men who were entrusted with the transmission of the scriptures (they believed they were copying the word of God)
  3. c Developed a system for writing vowels
  4. d 1500 years
  5. e the faithful conveyance of the scriptures fron one generation to the next

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  1. *date back to before A.D. 1000
    *most scholars believe this is a reflection of an A.D. 100 text
    *is the most reliable text
  2. The Hebrew order of scribes
  3. developed a system of detailed notes on the text
  4. The Old Testament.
  5. developed a system of accents for the hebrew texts

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  1. Definition of CanonHebrew - Ganen or Greek - Kanon; Reed or measuring stick


  2. HermenuticsFull or complete


  3. What do we find In the 66 books of the Bible?we Discover our Past, Understand our Present and attain Hope for the Future.


  4. Number of books in the New Testament27


  5. Test 1 for CanonicityWritten in accord with previous revelation


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