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  1. Test 2 for Canonicity
  2. Grammatical-historical method.....
  3. The last part of the Bible was written in.....
  4. What is the transmission in the original language?
  5. Plenary Verbal Inspiration Teory
  1. a Written to all generations
  2. b Pleanary - "Full" or complete; Verbal - the words of Scripture; God inspired the entire Bible
  3. c Greek
  4. d mostly Hebrwe with a little Aramaic
  5. e seeks to find the basic "plain sence" meaning of bible passages by applying standard rules of grammar and synax

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  1. the conquest of the land, the period of the judges, the formation of ht eunited kingdon and the division of that kingdom into the North (Israel)
  2. Isrial to the time of the "italian" prophet Malachi.
  3. The bible
  4. we Discover our Past, Understand our Present and attain Hope for the Future.
  5. developed a system of accents for the hebrew texts

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  1. the Bible is not the Word, it.....contains the Word of God


  2. Hebrew and ___________ Book Order*discovered by a sheperd boy back in 1947
    *date back to 200-100 B.C.
    *contain at least some of every OT book
    *most importantly, they contain the reliability of the masoretic text


  3. Aramaic is similar tothe faithful conveyance of the scriptures fron one generation to the next


  4. Does God contradict himselfwritten by a profit or other spriit-led person


  5. The Bible is:Law - Prophets - Writings


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