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  1. 파헤치다
  2. 전말
  3. 포부
  4. 공예품
  1. a to dig up, ferret out;
  2. b handicraft, handiwork;
  3. c 계획; 목적; 희망;
  4. d cramp; rat;
  5. e the particulars, circumstances;

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. to be shocking, exceptional, extraordinary;
  2. extreme walking;
  3. to print no more copies of a book;
  4. to draw up a plan; 이건물은 _________는 데 3년이 걸렸다.
  5. 쌓이다; 그 회사는 다년간 _________ 노하우를 바탕으로 빠르게 사세를 확장했다.

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  1. 청산하다to accomplish a purpose, achieve;


  2. 공정 거래 위원회fair trade commission;


  3. 과장하다to be too burdensome, heavy;


  4. 버금가다to come close;


  5. 끼적거리다to make (everything) just right;


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