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  1. presumptuous
  2. volition
  3. imminent
  4. vivacious
  5. lyre
  1. a noun - the ability to make conscious decisions or choices
  2. b adj - full of life and animation; spirited; lively
  3. c adj - excessively forward
  4. d noun - stringed instrument of the harp family
  5. e adj. - about to occur; impending

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  1. verb- to speak of God or a sacred entity in an irreverent manner
  2. verb- to engage in drunken merrymaking
  3. v - to desire strongly; to have great ambition; to yearn or to seek after
  4. adj. - lacking firmness, resilience, or muscle tone
  5. verb - to seize wrongfully or by force, pillage, sack

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  1. obliviousadj - exhibiting religious reverence; devout


  2. meageradj. - of poor quality or small amount, scant


  3. conjureverb- to engage in drunken merrymaking


  4. recoiladj - combining elements from a variety of sources


  5. motenoun- a very small particle; speck


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