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  1. thwart
  2. despicable
  3. rout
  4. morose
  5. debacle
  1. a verb - to drive out or force out; eject
  2. b adj. - sad, gloomy
  3. c adj - deserving of contempt or scorn; vile
  4. d n - an overwhelming defeat or rout; a stunning, ruinous collapse
  5. e verb - to oppose and defeat the effort

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  1. adjective - sedate; dignified; proper
  2. adj. - occurring after somebody's death
  3. n - a foreboding; having the feeling that something, esp of an unfortunate or evil nature, is about to occur
  4. v - to show or feel a triumphant joy
  5. verb - to make less angry or upset by doing or saying something to please

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  1. sagacitynoun - wisdom, good judgment


  2. benignadjective - very elaborate and complicated, embellished


  3. divulgenoun- an embankment built to prevent water from overflowing


  4. ventureverb- to follow a winding and turning course; to wander aimlessly


  5. recumbentverb - to rejoice greatly; be jubilant or triumphant


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