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  1. 404 BC
  2. Plato
  3. Pythagoras
  4. Solon
  5. Philip the 2nd
  1. a gained throne in Macedonia
  2. b created formula for expressing the relationship between sides of a triangle
  3. c Athens surrenders to Sparta
  4. d wise leader who tried to balance power between rich and poor
  5. e founded school called Academy

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  1. persuaded Athenians to rebuild temples
  2. author of Iliad
  3. a payment given to a ruler or nation; may be paid in exchange for protection
  4. League formed in 478 BC
  5. infection or fever

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  1. 30age Spartan men left barracks


  2. Athens educationhappened during the Hellenistic period


  3. direct democracya government in which the upper class or a privileged few rule


  4. Spartan boysburned Athens to ground


  5. 3 great philosophersleft home at 7 to live in barracks and be trained to fight, underfed


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