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  1. Western Civilization
  2. frescoes
  3. Alexandria, Egypt
  4. democracy
  5. rebuilding of temple on Acropolis
  1. a had largest library
  2. b started in Europe and spread to America
  3. c done with money from members of Delian League
  4. d foundation for Athens
  5. e walls covered with watercolor paintings

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  1. never lost battle, troops got tired and refused to continue
  2. Athens and Sparta
  3. tells of long journey home of Greek hero after the Trojan War
  4. infection or fever
  5. Athens farms and crops

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  1. aristocraciesa government in which the upper class or a privileged few rule


  2. reforms of Solonoutlawed slavery to pay debts, citizenship to foreigners, tried to stabilize government


  3. Hellenistic Periodcreated a council to create laws called legislature


  4. ephorsoverseers elected by Sparta council members, 5 of them


  5. Battle of SalamisPhilip II defeated Greek city-states


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