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World History 5 Test

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  1. agora
  2. most powerful city states
  3. Hippocrates
  4. epic
  5. cause of Alexander's death
  1. a markets in main area of city
  2. b infection or fever
  3. c Athens and Sparta
  4. d considered the Father of Medicine
  5. e long narrative poem

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  1. 28 members who elected overseers
  2. 1250 B.C.
  3. Trojan Prince Paris kidnapped Helen
  4. used to pay taxes
  5. Spartan navy surprises and defeats Athenian Navy

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  1. olive oil, wine, wool, marbletraded by Greeks


  2. Sparta's governmentAlexander the Great


  3. Pythagorasmarkets in main area of city


  4. Epicurusbelieved that ideal life was free from pain


  5. assimilationthe murder of a leader, often over political reasons


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