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  1. men over 30
  2. Epicurus
  3. frescoes
  4. 405 BC
  5. Alexander the Great's march
  1. a could vote in Sparta assembly
  2. b walls covered with watercolor paintings
  3. c Spartan navy surprises and defeats Athenian Navy
  4. d believed that ideal life was free from pain
  5. e never lost battle, troops got tired and refused to continue

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  1. happened during the Hellenistic period
  2. ruler of all gods
  3. 200 to 2500 members daily
  4. Alexander the Great
  5. a payment given to a ruler or nation; may be paid in exchange for protection

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  1. Periclespersuaded Athenians to rebuild temples


  2. Peloponnesian War startSparta led army against Athens


  3. 404 BCage Spartan men left barracks


  4. Athenawise leader who tried to balance power between rich and poor


  5. oligarchya government in which only a few powerful people rule


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