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  1. monarchy
  2. Hellenistic Period
  3. Ptolemy I
  4. acropolis
  5. Athens education
  1. a Greeks, Egyptians, Persians, Indians, and others assimilated
  2. b read, write, music, athletics
  3. c highest point in city-state
  4. d government with single ruler
  5. e governed Egypt

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  1. located near island of Crete
  2. city-states protected by citizen soldiers
  3. grown by people of Greece
  4. persuaded Athenians to rebuild temples
  5. a payment given to a ruler or nation; may be paid in exchange for protection

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  1. philosophermeans city state


  2. Odysseytells of long journey home of Greek hero after the Trojan War


  3. Athenamarkets in main area of city


  4. democracyfoundation for Athens


  5. Epicurusbelieved that ideal life was free from pain


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