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  1. Epicurus
  2. jury size in Age of Perciles
  3. agora
  4. Homer
  5. Mycenaean Palaces
  1. a markets in main area of city
  2. b 200 to 2500 members daily
  3. c surrounded by thick walls for defense
  4. d believed that ideal life was free from pain
  5. e author of Iliad

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  1. ruled by 2 kings
  2. city-states protected by citizen soldiers
  3. a government in which the upper class or a privileged few rule
  4. long narrative poem
  5. considered the Father of Medicine

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  1. Knossostells of long journey home of Greek hero after the Trojan War


  2. Battle of Chaeroneafirst large naval battle recorded


  3. men over 30could vote in Sparta assembly


  4. ephorsoverseers elected by Sparta council members, 5 of them


  5. Periclesburned Athens to ground


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