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  1. A deep sea laboratory located at the bottom of the sea where the US Navy conducted a series of 15 day underwater living experiments.
  2. he became the first ever player to score 100 points in a single basketball game.
  3. supported the fight against communism
  4. Johnson addressed unemployment by proposing a national _________________ - a massive federal program that called for the creation of new jobs and the building up of economically depressed areas
  5. prohibited discrimination in renting or selling houses
  1. a "War on Poverty"
  2. b Wilt Chamberlain
  3. c Fair Housing Act
  4. d Hawks
  5. e Sealab 2

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  1. Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins
    (and Edwin Aldrin)
  2. 1964 Civil Rights Act
  3. 1965 Voting rights Act
  4. 1968
  5. Doves

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  1. _________ was completed in 1964 and became the world's longest single-span suspension bridge.The Gateway Arch


  2. outlawed poll taxes for national electionsghettos


  3. The first black associate justice appointed to the supreme Court.Thurgood Marshall


  4. FBI director _______ stepping up surveillance of communist sympathizers on college campuses and protesters.William Westmoreland


  5. intended to raise the standard of living in the Appalachian Mt. region.Appalachian Development Act


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