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  1. (SA) Why was the US military unable to win the Vietnam war?
  2. _________ was completed in 1965 in St. Louis, Missouri and was cited as one of the modern seve wonders of the world.
  3. FBI director _______ stepping up surveillance of communist sympathizers on college campuses and protesters.
  4. The first black associate justice appointed to the supreme Court.
  5. Who urged a return to a Constitutional system of limited government?
  1. a The Gateway Arch
  2. b the government tried to run the war instead of letting the military take control and because of the media
  3. c J. Edgar Hoover
  4. d Thurgood Marshall
  5. e Barry Goldwater

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  1. Black Panthers
  2. Medicare Act of 1965
  3. 1965
  4. HUD
  5. The Great Society program

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  1. _______ became the Largest welfare program since the New DealLyndon Johnson


  2. supported the fight against communismDoves


  3. He became president in 1963 (after John Kennedy)extremist


  4. those soft toward communismDoves


  5. Johnson addressed unemployment by proposing a national _________________ - a massive federal program that called for the creation of new jobs and the building up of economically depressed areas"War on Poverty"


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