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  1. the highest concentration of golf courses are found in what region of the United States
  2. shiites compromise about what percent of Islamic people
  3. what is the boundary that separates regions in which different language uses predominate
  4. this was popular around 1945 to 1960
  5. diffusion of TV is from what countries
  1. a isogloss
  2. b North Central states from Kansas to North Dakota
  3. c United States, Britian, France, Russia
  4. d 16%
  5. e contemporary

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  1. globalization
  2. contemporary
  3. a smuggler
  4. Christianity
  5. Quran

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  1. Culture traditionally practiced by a small, homogeneous, rural group living in relative isolation from other groups.folk culture


  2. these house style included the neo-French, mansard, neo-colonial, and neo-Tudorcontemporary


  3. a series of improvements in industrial technology that transformed the process of manufacturing goodmedical revolution


  4. what is the total number of live births in the year for every 1000 people live in a societycrude birth rate


  5. Russiam, Polish, Czech, Slvack, Serbo-Croatiam, and Bulgarian are all languages of which language branchdiffusion of popular culture's


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