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  1. stages of demographic transition are
  2. this house style included ranch, minimal tradition, split level, contemporary, and shed
  3. impact of the 1920s quota will often on immigrants in the US were designed to do what
  4. what is the total number of live births in the year for every 1000 people live in a society
  5. modern English evolved from language spoken by the what
  1. a crude birth rate
  2. b angles, jutes, and Saxons
  3. c ensure that most immigrants continued to be Europeans
  4. d contemporary
  5. e first: low growth, second: high-growth, third: moderate growth, fourth: low growth

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  1. Portuguese
  2. language group
  3. counterurbanization
  4. toponym
  5. It's simply not part of their cultural tradition

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  1. Russiam, Polish, Czech, Slvack, Serbo-Croatiam, and Bulgarian are all languages of which language branchBalto-Slavic


  2. the holy book for Christian people isBible


  3. the holy book for Hinduism isthere is none


  4. The spread of something over a given areaConcentration


  5. English is different today from German becausecontemporary


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