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AP human geography midterm Test

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  1. English is different today from German because
  2. shiites compromise about what percent of Islamic people
  3. the highest concentration of golf courses are found in what region of the United States
  4. what is a pallero or coyote
  5. the holy book for Christian people is
  1. a North Central states from Kansas to North Dakota
  2. b 16%
  3. c Bible
  4. d the Normans conquered England in 1066
  5. e a smuggler

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  1. ensure that most immigrants continued to be Europeans
  2. neo-eclectic
  3. folk culture
  4. Christianity
  5. Industrial Revolution

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  1. what is the total number of live births in the year for every 1000 people live in a societycrude birth rate


  2. net migration from urban to rural area in the more developed countriessituation


  3. the number of years needed to double the population, assuming a constant rate of natural increasearithmetic density


  4. blue jeans and sports is an example of whatdiffusion of popular culture's


  5. this was a modern style type of housecontemporary


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