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  1. Medical technology invented in Europe and North America that is diffused to the poorer countries of Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Improved medical practices have eliminated many of the traditional causes of death in poorer countries and enabled more people to live longer and healthier lives.
  2. what is a pallero or coyote
  3. modern English evolved from language spoken by the what
  4. The spread of something over a given area
  5. the position of anything on earth surface
  1. a angles, jutes, and Saxons
  2. b location
  3. c medical revolution
  4. d a smuggler
  5. e Concentration

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  1. contagious diffusion
  2. contemporary
  3. environmental determinism
  4. apartheid
  5. first: low growth, second: high-growth, third: moderate growth, fourth: low growth

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  1. blue jeans and sports is an example of whatdiffusion of popular culture's


  2. the most widely spoken language in Brazil isthere is none


  3. a computer system that stores, organizes, analyzes, and displays geographic dataGIS


  4. Culture traditionally practiced by a small, homogeneous, rural group living in relative isolation from other groups.globalization


  5. what is the boundary that separates regions in which different language uses predominateisogloss


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