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  1. Organelles
  2. Flagella
  3. organism
  4. Unicellular organisms
  5. Golgi complex
  1. a A small body in a cell's cytoplasm that is specialized to perform a specific function.
  2. b any living thing- all organisms are made up of cells
  3. c Membrane-bound organelle that packages and distributes proteins for cell.
  4. d Hairlike structures contained in some prokaryotic cells to help them move
  5. e Organisms made of only one cell

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  1. The arrangement of its parts
  2. Yes
  3. The first person to describe cells
  4. Contained in prokaryotic cells; no membrane;

    ⭕️⭕️small round structures that make proteins by putting together chains of amino acids using instructions encoded in the cell's DNA
  5. 1. Question
    2. Process information/collect data
    3. Hypothesis
    4. Test/experiment the hypothesis
    5. Observe/analyze
    6. If correct- solved
    If incorrect- go back to #2

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  1. Are all cells the same size and shape?No


  2. Cell Theory1. All organisms are made up of one or more cells
    2. The cell is the basic unit of all organisms
    3. All cells come from existing cells


  3. Eukaryotic cells contain what?Membrane-bound organelles and ribosomes


  4. Multicellular organismsOrganisms made up of more than one cell


  5. Chloroplastsorganelles that capture the energy from sunlight and convert it into chemical energy in a process called photosynthesis


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