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  1. Polysyndeton
  2. Anachronism
  3. Onomatopoeia
  4. Personification
  5. Rhetorical Questions
  1. a a word formed by an imitation of sounds
  2. b the use as a rhetorical effect too many conjunctions
  3. c having human features when it is a non-human object
  4. d questions that are not requiring a ture answer
  5. e something or someone that is not in the correect historical or chronological order

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  1. detail that relate or describes actual, specific things or events
  2. using one part of an object to represent the entire object
  3. a direct comparison of two different items
  4. does not follow or relate
  5. substituting the name of an object for another object closely related

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  1. Ellipsisa reference to something lieterary mythological or historical that the reader will recognize


  2. Satirethe use of words to convey the opposite of the literal meaning


  3. Parallelisma consie statement that expresses succinctly a general truth or idea with balance


  4. Imperativenoting or pertaining to the mood of the verb


  5. Liotesthe use of words to convey the opposite of the literal meaning


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