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  1. The primary source of legitimate political authority in the United States is the
  2. What are the requirements for a representative democracy?
  3. At the time of the Constitutional Convention, the view that a democratic government was desirable was
  4. The author cites the early presidential admin, the Civil War, and the New Deal, as examples of struggles over
  5. Compared with the 1950s, government's involvement in the everyday lives of Americans in the 1990s is
  1. a Constitution
  2. b legitimate authority
  3. c not a popular view
  4. d A opportunity for genuine leadership competition
  5. e playing a larger part.

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  1. When a circumstance is too complicated for the "average citizen" to understand.
  2. elite
  3. New England
  4. Alexander Hamilton
  5. 21%

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  1. When the Farmers of the Constitution wrote "republican form of government" they were referring torepresentative democracy


  2. Individuals have power when they are able tothe right to use power


  3. The text notes a tendency for issues that one were ____ to become____.private, public


  4. Representative democracy is sometimes disapprovingly referred to as the _____ theory of democracy.regimes that were as close as possible to Aristotle's definition "rule of many"


  5. The fact that the rich are taxed more heavily than the poor and that amendments that gave voting rights to minorities were passed by large majorities suggests thatNew England


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