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  1. Which delegate to the Constitutional Convention was worried that the new government that he helped to create might be too democratic?
  2. Under what circumstances would a majoritarian politics normally not be effective?
  3. Those who possess a disproportionate share of political power are defined as
  4. The author cites the early presidential admin, the Civil War, and the New Deal, as examples of struggles over
  5. The term participatory democracy applies most accurately to what society?
  1. a When a circumstance is too complicated for the "average citizen" to understand.
  2. b elite
  3. c legitimate authority
  4. d New England
  5. e Alexander Hamilton

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  1. get someone else to do their own intentions.
  2. elitist
  3. governmental office
  4. the right to use power
  5. democratic.

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  1. The fact that the rich are taxed more heavily than the poor and that amendments that gave voting rights to minorities were passed by large majorities suggests thateven though most politicians are middle class, white Protestant men, the people are in charge and they have insisted on equality


  2. The term democracy was originally associated withpurpose


  3. Today the U.S. federal income tax takes an average of what percent of taxpayers' income?21%


  4. At the time of the Constitutional Convention, the view that a democratic government was desirable wasnot a popular view


  5. The primary source of legitimate political authority in the United States is thepurpose


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