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  1. adhesion contract
  2. minority
  3. offset
  4. cognitive test
  5. Merchant
  1. a a contracting party may disaffirm a contract if his or her mind was so affected by mental disease or defect as to render him or her wholly and absolutely unable to comprehend and understand the nature of the transaction
  2. b gives minors the power to contract and the power to disaffirm a contract, even after the other party has fully performed.
  3. c a deduction of the amount awarded to the defendant from the amount awarded to the plaintiff
  4. d a person who has specialized knowledge as to the goods,specialized knowlegde as to the business practices.
  5. e is a contract formed by one party imposing his or her will upon an unwilling or even unwitting party

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  1. the performance of the accord contract. Once the accord contract has been performed, the original contractual duties are terminated.
  2. a contract to pay a stated amount to discharge a prior obligation that is either uncertain as to its existence or amount.
  3. under classical contract theory, modification of a contract is itself a contract and must follow the same rules of contract formation required for the original contract
  4. the confirmation of the contract
  5. a contract or contract terms in unconscionable if at the time of contract formation one party imposed an unreasonable favorable contract or term on the other party who lacked a meaningful choice.

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  1. Between Merchantsa person who has specialized knowledge as to the goods,specialized knowlegde as to the business practices.


  2. expectation remediesplace the non breaching party in the position he or she would have been in had the contract been fully performed


  3. Seasonable expression of acceptanceWehn preprinted forms are exchanged a seasonable exchanged, a seasonable expressions of acceptance refers to the fact that the 2nd form must have been sent within a reasonable time after receiving the first form


  4. Mirror Imagesmeans that the offeree must accept the offer without change.


  5. Acknowledgement formthe seller's acceptance form


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