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  1. Theological Virtues
  2. St. Thomas Aquinas said
  3. magisterium
  4. Conscience
  5. the sign of the covenant with Noah was a
  1. a set out for proofs of God's existence
  2. b teaching authority of the church
  3. c faith, hope, and clarity
  4. d rainbow
  5. e a judgement of reason whereby the human person recognizes the moral quality of a concrete act

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  1. said to ? all realities
  2. God promised never to flood Earth with water again/Noah promised love and believe in him/Sign - Rainbow
  3. an attribute of god that he is everywhere, unlimited, and all powerful
  4. binding to god ---Latin
  5. a binding promise between God and humankind in which God pledges enduring love and asks for our love in return

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  1. atheistancient fortune tellers


  2. monotheisticbelief in one God


  3. irreligionlack of religion, indifference or hostility to religion


  4. prophetssomeone who does not believe in God


  5. the 2 elements of a single Deposit of FaithSacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition


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