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  1. religion
  2. Original sin
  3. Sacred Tradition
  4. prophets
  5. irreligion
  1. a The Church's handing on of the Gospel message
  2. b binding to god ---Latin
  3. c the sin of Adam and Eve into which we are all born
  4. d ancient fortune tellers
  5. e lack of religion, indifference or hostility to religion

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  1. the principle that promotes our worldly values or ideals over religious ones
  2. God promised never to flood Earth with water again/Noah promised love and believe in him/Sign - Rainbow
  3. happiness, love, and understanding. God loves you no matter what you do as long as you are kind and ask for forgiveness. Understanding only comes from God when we try to understand him. We can understand most thing.
  4. belief in one God
  5. a judgement of reason whereby the human person recognizes the moral quality of a concrete act

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  1. sinai covenanta binding promise between God and humankind in which God pledges enduring love and asks for our love in return


  2. St. Augustinebelief in one God


  3. Salvation HistoryThe story of God's saving presence activity on our behalf


  4. St. Thomas Aquinas saidset out for proofs of God's existence


  5. covenantthe most important covenant of the Old Testament, the one that establishes the Israelites as the chosen people, which happens at Mount Sinai when they agree to follow the Ten Commandments


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