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  1. Ethnography
  2. Grounded Theory
  3. Interview
  4. Currency
  5. Results
  1. a presents the outcomes of the statistical tests used to analyze the study data and the significance of these outcomes; includes research purpose, questions, and hypotheses
  2. b used by anthropologists to study culture, defines life belonging to designated groups, and ways in which a group of people solves problems; these ways are reflected in language, dress, food, traditions, and customs
  3. c open-ended; researcher may define focus of the interview but there are no fixed sequence of questions
  4. d holds many views in common with phenomenology, how a person defines reality and relates their beliefs to behavior, attempts to define symbolic meanings as the basis for belief and behavior, and considers social groups that share meanings and defines self
  5. e published within 5 years

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  1. assumptions, limitations, design, population & sample, measurement, data collection & analysis, discussion, and dissemination of the findings
  2. influence on nursing practice and addresses concerns or priorites in nursing
  3. an artificially constructed environment developed for the sole purpose of conducting research
  4. a scientific process that validates and refines existing knowledge and generates new knowledge that influences nursing practice
  5. scholars familiar with topic of research read and validate reports accuracy and apporpriateness

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  1. Inductive Reasoningmoves from the specific to the general


  2. Conceptual definitionprovides a variable or conecpt with theoretical meaning


  3. Structured Sources of KnowledgeLogical Thinking (Inductive & Deductive Reasoning)


  4. Methodsvariables, sampling, and settings


  5. Types of Quantitative Researchselection of subjects, sample size, researcher/participant relationships, data collection, and data management


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