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  1. Observation
  2. Study Questions
  3. Higly Controlled Setting
  4. Unstructured Sources of Knowledge
  5. Deductive Reasoning
  1. a Tradition, Authority, Trial & Error, and Intuition
  2. b statement to guide the implementation of a study
  3. c fundamental method of gathering data for qualitative studies, especially ethnography studies
  4. d an artificially constructed environment developed for the sole purpose of conducting research
  5. e moves from the general to the specific

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  1. the process of assigning "numbers to objects (or events or situations) in accord with some rule"
  2. objective, systematic, highly controlled investigation for the purpose of predicting and controlling phenomena in nursing practice
  3. set of defined concepts that describe a phenomena
  4. restrictions in a study that may decrease the credibility and generalizability of the findings
  5. the person is integral with the environment, the world is shaped by and shapes the self, reality is subjective thus all experices are unique, and what is the meaning of one's experience?

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  1. Purposerules to decrease error and more accurate refelction of reality


  2. Conceptual Frameworkabstract; logical structure of meaning; guides development of study tested in study; enables researcher to link series of concepts that are not necessarily related


  3. Probleman area of concern where there is a gap in knowledge


  4. Addresses Concerns or Priorities in Nursingan environment that the researcher has manipulated or modified in some way


  5. Inductive Reasoningmoves from the specific to the general


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