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  1. Limitations
  2. Proposition
  3. Process
  4. Primary vs Secondary Sources
  5. Theory
  1. a restrictions in a study that may decrease the credibility and generalizability of the findings
  2. b written by original person vs summary and quotes
  3. c can be expressed at various levels of abstraction (relational statements)
  4. d abstract, relates concepts one to another, describe, explain, predict, & control, scope (size), and elements
  5. e includes a purpose, a series of actions, and a goal

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  1. provides a variable or conecpt with theoretical meaning
  2. critically appraise of analysis for logic and congruence with method
  3. an area of concern where there is a gap in knowledge
  4. a person with expertise and power who is able to influence opinion and behavior
  5. a process of selecting subjects who are representative of the population being studied

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  1. Quantitativeformal, objective, rigourous, systematic process for generating numerical information


  2. Natural (Field) Settingan artificially constructed environment developed for the sole purpose of conducting research


  3. Operational definitionprovides a variable or conecpt with theoretical meaning


  4. Applied Researchquantitative and qualitative


  5. Knowledge (1)what is known in a particular field or in total; facts and information


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