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  1. Methods
  2. Null/Research
  3. Concept
  4. Data Management
  5. References
  1. a Ho (statistical)/Ha (relationship exists)
  2. b includes all sources cited in the research report; list includes studies, theories, and methodology resources
  3. c more specific
  4. d description, analysis, interpretation
  5. e variables, sampling, and settings

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  1. reports of research and includes published studies and unpublished studies
  2. can be expressed at various levels of abstraction (relational statements)
  3. the location in which a study is conducted
  4. the individual and their perception are inseparable
  5. 2/3 or more

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  1. Discussionties together the other sections of the research report and gives them meaning; includes major findings, limitations of the study, conclusions drawn from the findings, implications of the findings for nursing, and recommendations for further research


  2. Applied Researchscientific investigation that involves the pursuit of "knowledge for knowledge's sake" or for the pleasure of learning to find the truth


  3. Quantitativeformal, objective, rigourous, systematic process for generating numerical information


  4. Study Questionsstatement to guide the implementation of a study


  5. Controlthe essence of quantitative research; imposing of rules by the researcher to decrease the possibility of error, thereby increasing the probability that the study's findings are an accurate reflection of reality


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