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  1. Deductive Reasoning
  2. Underlying assumption to qualitative research
  3. Study Questions
  4. Framework
  5. Comprehending a Research Report
  1. a statement to guide the implementation of a study
  2. b perception of reality changes over time
  3. c moves from the general to the specific
  4. d requires that the entire study be read carefully and highlight parts of the article
  5. e the abstract, theoretical basis for a study that enables the researcher to link the findings to nursing's body of knowledge

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  1. all elements (individuals, objects, or substances) that meet certain criteria for inclusion in a study
  2. Ho (statistical)/Ha (relationship exists)
  3. scientific investigation conducted to generate knowledge that will directly influence or improve clinical practice
  4. there is not a single reality; reality is based upon perception
  5. exploration and description of phenomena in real-life situations

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  1. Theorylogic of emerging theory and clairty with which it sheds light on the studied phenomena


  2. Underlying assumption to qualitative researchselection of subjects, sample size, researcher/participant relationships, data collection, and data management


  3. Data Basedconcepts at various levels of abstraction that are measured, manipulated, or controlled in a study


  4. Unstructured Sources of KnowledgeLogical Thinking (Inductive & Deductive Reasoning)


  5. Structured Sources of Knowledgemoves from the specific to the general


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