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  1. Limitations
  2. Phenomenology
  3. Data Collection
  4. Control
  5. Higly Controlled Setting
  1. a the person is integral with the environment, the world is shaped by and shapes the self, reality is subjective thus all experices are unique, and what is the meaning of one's experience?
  2. b the essence of quantitative research; imposing of rules by the researcher to decrease the possibility of error, thereby increasing the probability that the study's findings are an accurate reflection of reality
  3. c an artificially constructed environment developed for the sole purpose of conducting research
  4. d the precise, systematic gathering of information relevant to the research purpose or the specific objectives, questions, or hypotheses of a study
  5. e restrictions in a study that may decrease the credibility and generalizability of the findings

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  1. Ho (statistical)/Ha (relationship exists)
  2. has impact on collection and interpretation of data
  3. provides a variable or conecpt with theoretical meaning
  4. directional/non-directional, simple/complex, and null/research
  5. formal statement of the relationships among/between the variables in the study

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  1. Rigorstriving for excellence in research, and it requires discipline, adherence to detail, and strict accuracy


  2. Directional/Non-directionalidentifies the nature and scope of the problem being investigated and provides a case for the conduct of the study; includes literature review and framework


  3. Knowledge (1)awareness and familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation


  4. Descriptive Researchexploration and description of phenomena in real-life situations


  5. Data Collectionobservation, interview, text


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