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  1. pugnacious
  2. palpable
  3. brandish
  4. unscathed
  5. poignant
  1. a verb to wave something about, especially a weapon
  2. b adj profoundly moving; touching
  3. c adj eager and ready to fight, belligerent
  4. d adj plainly seen, heard, perceived
  5. e adjective, not injured or harmed

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  1. noun a distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source; a luminous radiation
  2. adjective, seeming to have a supernatural character or origin
  3. noun, a brief, sudden, violent storm
  4. adjective, devil like
  5. adj lacking firmness, resilience, or muscle tone

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  1. magnanimousadj noble in mind; esp. in forgiving or overlooking injury and insult


  2. morosev to engage in drunken merrymaking


  3. complicityn involvement as an accomplice


  4. reverieadj suggestive of sad thoughtfulness


  5. recoilvb to utter a bitter complaint


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