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  1. poignant
  2. venture
  3. plunder
  4. exult
  5. stoicism
  1. a verb, to seize wrongfully or by force, pillage, sack
  2. b n indifference to pleasure or pain; impassiveness
  3. c verb, to rejoice greatly; be jubilant or triumphant
  4. d adj profoundly moving; touching
  5. e verb, to expose to danger or risk

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  1. verb to deeply think about something; to consider
  2. v to follow a winding and turning course; to wander aimlessly
  3. noun, fortification (esp. walls)
  4. verb to insert between or among other things, often by speaking
  5. noun/verb, a gathering of troops for service/to gather troops for service

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  1. harangueadjective, very elaborate and complicated, embellished


  2. parsonagen official residence provided by the church for a minister


  3. inscrutableadj impossible to repair, rectify or amend


  4. shackleverb to make less angry or upset by doing or saying something to please


  5. imminentadj profoundly moving; touching


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