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  1. levee
  2. taut
  3. blanch
  4. ornate
  5. brazen
  1. a verb, to turn white from fear or shock
  2. b n an embankment built to prevent water from overflowing
  3. c adjective, very elaborate and complicated, embellished
  4. d adjective, very tight
  5. e adj marked by flagrant and insolent audacity

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  1. noun an unusually gifted or intelligent (young) person; someone whose talents excite wonder and admiration
  2. verb, to rejoice greatly; be jubilant or triumphant
  3. noun/verb, a gathering of troops for service/to gather troops for service
  4. v to engage in drunken merrymaking
  5. vb to tear jaggedly; to mangle (something soft, like flesh) 2) to wound or to hurt esp. one's feelings, deeply

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  1. mellifluousadj having a smooth rich flow, filled with something (as honey) that sweetens


  2. sordidadj seamy, morally degraded, unethical, dishonest


  3. unscathedadjective, not injured or harmed


  4. moroseadj sad, gloomy


  5. bravadon defiant or swaggering behavior


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