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  1. lumber
  2. ambiguous
  3. swagger
  4. epitome
  5. lair
  1. a adj capable of being understood in two or more possible senses or ways
  2. b verb, to walk or move with heavy clumsiness
  3. c noun, den or dwelling of a wild animal
  4. d noun a typical or ideal example
  5. e verb, to walk in an arrogant manner; strut; boast; brag

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  1. noun, a brief, sudden, violent storm
  2. noun the ability to make conscious decisions or choices
  3. adj suggestive of sad thoughtfulness
  4. noun/verb, a gathering of troops for service/to gather troops for service
  5. n official residence provided by the church for a minister

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  1. imperiousadj commanding; powerful


  2. copiousadj very plentiful; abundant


  3. inscrutableadj not noticeable; inconspicuous


  4. vivaciousadj exhibiting religious reverence; devout


  5. unscathedadjective, not injured or harmed


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