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  1. eclectic
  2. comply
  3. ornate
  4. tremulous
  5. rebuttal
  1. a adj combining elements from a variety of sources
  2. b adjective, very elaborate and complicated, embellished
  3. c noun a speech intended to oppose, disprove, or contradict something said or claimed
  4. d adj marked by trembling, quivering or shaking
  5. e verb, to act in accordance with another's command, rule, request, wish

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  1. noun proof or support for an argument or feeling
  2. adj eager and ready to fight, belligerent
  3. verb to make less angry or upset by doing or saying something to please
  4. v to spread here and there; to scatter; to disperse
  5. noun the embodiment of a deity or spirit in some earthly form; a concrete or actual form of a quality or concept

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  1. brandishverb to wave something about, especially a weapon


  2. leveen an embankment built to prevent water from overflowing


  3. stalwartadjective, firm, resolute, strong


  4. sagacitynoun wisdom, good judgment


  5. importunevb to urge or to entreat persistently or repeatedly' to trouble with requests or demands


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