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  1. irreparable
  2. thwart
  3. lavish
  4. unscathed
  5. persuasive
  1. a adjective, not injured or harmed
  2. b verb, to oppose and defeat the effort
  3. c verb, to give or bestow in abundance; shower
  4. d adj convincing, based on sound reasoning
  5. e adj impossible to repair, rectify or amend

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  1. verb, to cause to experience humiliation or shame
  2. n a state of abstracting musing; daydreaming
  3. n an inappropriate or unwelcome addition
  4. verb, to hold under a spell; enchant; fascinate
  5. adj thoroughly soaked; saturated

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  1. salubriousadj healthy; wholesome; promoting health or well being


  2. empiricaladj commanding; powerful


  3. rampartsnoun, fortification (esp. walls)


  4. presentimentn a foreboding; having the feeling that something, esp. of an unfortunate or evil nature, is about to occur


  5. pensiveadj suggestive of sad thoughtfulness


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