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  1. sordid
  2. reverie
  3. brazen
  4. remnant
  5. incarnation
  1. a noun the embodiment of a deity or spirit in some earthly form; a concrete or actual form of a quality or concept
  2. b n something left over; a remainder
  3. c n a state of abstracting musing; daydreaming
  4. d adj seamy, morally degraded, unethical, dishonest
  5. e adj marked by flagrant and insolent audacity

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  1. adj lacking conscious awareness; unmindful
  2. n sincere remorse for wrongdoing; repentance
  3. verb, to chain up
  4. adj sad, gloomy
  5. adjective, devil like

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  1. plunderverb, to seize wrongfully or by force, pillage, sack


  2. blanchadjective, clothed; dressed


  3. mortifyverb, to cause to experience humiliation or shame


  4. salubriousadj healthy; wholesome; promoting health or well being


  5. auranoun, den or dwelling of a wild animal


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