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  1. provincial
  2. unctuous
  3. hackneyed
  4. elicit
  5. petulant
  1. a ant: even-tempered, placid, serene, amiable
  2. b syn: mealymouthed, servile, fawning, greasy
  3. c ant: new, fresh, novel, original
  4. d (adj) pertaining to an outlying area; loval; narrow in mind or outlook; countrified in the sense of being limited and backward; of a simple, plain design that originated in the countryside; (n) a person with a narrow point of view; a person from an outlying area; a soldier from a province or colony
  5. e (v) to draw forth, bring out from some source (such as another person)

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  1. (n) decline, decay, or deterioration; a condition or period of decline or decay; excessive self-indulgence
  2. (n) a hint, indirect suggestion, or reference (ofter in a derogatory sense)
  3. syn: banal, trite, commonplace, corny
  4. syn: gruesome, gory, grisly, baleful, ghastly
  5. ant: intensify, aggravate, exacerbate

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  1. lurid(adj) causing shock, horror, or revulsion; sensational; pale or sallow in color; terrible or passionate in intensity or lack of restraint


  2. intercede(n) a hint, indirect suggestion, or reference (ofter in a derogatory sense)


  3. coalition(n) a combination, union or merger for some specific purpose


  4. innuendo(v) to plead on behalf of someone else; to serve as a third party or go-between in a disagreement


  5. luridant: pleasant, attractive, appealing, wholesome


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