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  1. definding a variable
  2. extremes
  3. four step problem solving plan
  4. scale
  5. rate
  1. a step 1; explore the problem.
    step 2; plan the solution.
    step 3; solve the problem.
    step 4; examine the solution.
  2. b the ratio of 2 measurements having different untis of measure.
  3. c in the ratoin a/b = c/d, a and d are the extremes.
  4. d choosing a variable to represent one of the unspecified numbers and using it to write expressions for other unspecified numbers.
  5. e a ratio or rate used when making a model of something that is too large or too small to be convenlently shown as actual size.

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  1. to solve equations.
  2. the product of the extremes is equal to the product of the means.
  3. the process of carrying units throughout a computation.
  4. to solve equations with more than one operation.
  5. an equation stating that 2 ratios are equal.

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  1. division property of equalityif the equation is true and each side is divided by the same nonzero number, the resulting equatioin is true.


  2. solve an equationequations that have the same solution.


  3. formulaan equation that states a rule for the relationship between certain quantities.


  4. ratioa comparison of 2 numbers by division.


  5. mixture problemin the ratoin a/b = c/d, a and d are the extremes.


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