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  1. (adj.) anxious or concerned; careful; eager
  2. (adj.) practical; dealing with actual facts or occurrences
  3. (adj.) stubborn; inflexible; not easily overcome
  4. (adj.) commonplace; dull; lacking in imagination
  5. (adj.) used for style or effect only; having to do with rhetoric; bombastic
  6. (adj.) persistent or stubborn; holding fast; holding together; sticky or adhesive

5 True/False Questions

  1. superfluous(adj.) more than sufficient; extra; unnecessary or needless


  2. venerate(v.) to clear of accusation or suspicion; to defend, maintain, or avenge


  3. quell(v.) to suppress; to put an end to; to pacify


  4. refute(v.) to prove to be false; to prove a person to be in error; to deny


  5. sanguine(adj.) optimistic, hopeful or confident. reddish; bloody


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