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  1. Macerate
  2. Salient
  3. Peripatetic
  4. Mores
  5. Resurgent
  1. a (adjective) regularly attracting notice; noticeable; important
  2. b (adjective) able to rise after defeat
  3. c (adjective) wandering, traveling continually, roving
  4. d (noun) customary, cultural standards
  5. e (verb) dissolve; soften by soaking; to emaciate; to wither

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  1. (adjective) commonplace; ordinary; everyday
  2. (adjective) bigoted or narrow-minded
  3. (noun) unsound or misleading but clever argument
  4. (adjective) reminiscent of or pertaining to a pig; resembling a pig
  5. (noun) repeated relapse into past condition or behavior; a tnedency to return to criminal ways

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  1. Philippic(noun) a controversial argument against a controversial issue


  2. Rancor(adjective) rude; vulgar, lewd, off-color


  3. Polemic(noun) customary, cultural standards


  4. Moniker(noun) customary, cultural standards


  5. Ribald(adjective) rude; vulgar, lewd, off-color


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