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  1. Latin American rattles made from gourds, filled with pebbles or seeds, shaken to make sounds
  2. Double drum, From Cuba or Latin America, used in salsa music
  3. the soft note of a doumbek
  4. Come from Brazil, 2 or 3 chambered, made from steel or wood, used in samba and salsa music

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  1. How do you hold a Bongo drum?On your lap, or on a bongo stand


  2. GuiroA Latin American scraper. In Cuba and Puerto Rico it is made from a notched gourd, played with a stick. In the Dominican Republic, made of metal, played with metal fork.


  3. "telk"the soft note of a doumbek


  4. Conga DrumFrom Cuba or Latin America, a tall, narrow drum with one head that is played by beating with the hands


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