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  1. interpersonal skills
  2. motivation
  3. total unadjusted function points
  4. % of time in planning phase (industry std.)
  5. 4 steps to project management
  1. a 15%
  2. b estimate project time frame, develop work plan, staff the project, coordinate project activities
  3. c skills that people possess that involve the ability to communicate and work with business users, senior management executives, and other team members
  4. d total that comes from all function points when calculated out
  5. e the number one influence on someones performance

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  1. when a task can not be performed until another task is completed
  2. way to estimate project time frame that is based on industry standard percentages
  3. the attraction that members feel to the group and to other members
  4. when new requirements are added to the project after the original project scope was defined and "frozen"
  5. 30%

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  1. staffing plandynamic schedule that records and keeps track of all of the tasks that need to be accomplished over the course of the project


  2. work breakdown structurea list of tasks hierarchically numbered according to high level tasks and broken down to sub-tasks


  3. 4 Phases of PADIPlanning, Analysis, Design, Implementation


  4. Analysiswho will use the system, what will the system do, where and when it will be used, and analysis current operations and develop the concept for new operations


  5. waterfall developmentanalysts and users proceed sequentially from one phase to the next.


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