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  1. total unadjusted function points
  2. % of time in planning phase (industry std.)
  3. work breakdown structure
  4. % of time in design phase (industry std.)
  5. reporting structure
  1. a structure that is designed for a team, ideally kept at 8 to 10 people per team - so often sub teams are created and report through this structure
  2. b 35%
  3. c total that comes from all function points when calculated out
  4. d a list of tasks hierarchically numbered according to high level tasks and broken down to sub-tasks
  5. e 15%

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  1. using special techniques and computer tools to speed up the analysis, design, and implementation phases in order to get some portion of the system developed quickly and into the hands of users for evaluation and feedback
  2. when a task can not be performed until another task is completed
  3. important dates or deadlines
  4. when new requirements are added to the project after the original project scope was defined and "frozen"
  5. sets a fixed deadline for a project and delivers the system by that deadline no matter what, even if functionality needs to be reduced

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  1. project chartera document that lists the projects norms and ground rules


  2. technical skillsskills that people possess that are important for working on a technical task


  3. function pointperson assigned to manage a group of analysts


  4. % of time in analysis phase (industry std.)15%


  5. risk assessmentprocess of assessing and addressing the risks that are associated with developing a project


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