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  1. % of time in analysis phase (industry std.)
  2. group cohesiveness
  3. % of time in design phase (industry std.)
  4. technical lead
  5. scope creep
  1. a when new requirements are added to the project after the original project scope was defined and "frozen"
  2. b 35%
  3. c the attraction that members feel to the group and to other members
  4. d person who oversees the progress of a group of programmers and more technical staff memebers
  5. e 20%

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  1. Size (functionality), time, money
  2. a document that tracks potential risks along with an evaluation of the likelihood of the risk and its potential impact on the project.
  3. dynamic schedule that records and keeps track of all of the tasks that need to be accomplished over the course of the project
  4. analysts and users proceed sequentially from one phase to the next.
  5. assign unrealistic deadlines, ignore good efforts, create a low-quality product, give everyone on the project a raise, make an important decision without the team's input, maintain poor working conditions

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  1. timeboxingsets a fixed deadline for a project and delivers the system by that deadline no matter what, even if functionality needs to be reduced


  2. % of time in planning phase (industry std.)20%


  3. planning stage approachmore accurate three-step process for determining estimated size of new system.


  4. % of time in implementation phase (industry std.)30%


  5. 4 steps to project managementestimate project time frame, develop work plan, staff the project, coordinate project activities


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