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  1. 4 steps to project management
  2. 3 Trade Offs to balance w/ project management
  3. adjusted project complexity (APC) factor
  4. waterfall development
  5. total unadjusted function points
  1. a Size (functionality), time, money
  2. b estimate project time frame, develop work plan, staff the project, coordinate project activities
  3. c result of totaling of assessments on end-user efficiency, re-usability and data communications
  4. d total that comes from all function points when calculated out
  5. e analysts and users proceed sequentially from one phase to the next.

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  1. 15%
  2. a document that lists the projects norms and ground rules
  3. more accurate three-step process for determining estimated size of new system.
  4. Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation
  5. dynamic schedule that records and keeps track of all of the tasks that need to be accomplished over the course of the project

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  1. staffing plancreated by project manager, this document details out the roles that are required for the project and the proposed reporting structure for the project


  2. motivation "don'ts"the number one influence on someones performance


  3. Rapid Application Development (RAD)analysts and users proceed sequentially from one phase to the next.


  4. function pointa measure of program size that is based on systems number of inputs, outputs, queries, files, and program interfaces


  5. Planningwhy should an IS be built and how will the project team go about building it


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